Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Cute Story that gets told WAY too Often

It's New Year's Eve!

Time to tell the story.  The story I tell all the time.  The story that will embarrass Paul & "Lianne" someday.

I have 2 very close girlfriends.  I am going to call them Samantha and Lisa. 

We have babies together.

First Lisa had a baby girl.  Then Sam had a baby boy.  Then Lisa had a baby boy, then I had a baby boy.  Then Sam had a baby girl and I had a baby boy.  All within the space of about 5 years.

It was so fun to get together, to scrapbook, to play. 

Then Lisa got pregnant with number 3.

So Sam and I made fun of her.

Because we're assholes sometimes.

Lisa had a baby girl and I gottta admit, she had a pretty sweet baby girl.

Life went on, Greg & I were so happy with our complete family.  Sam and Todd were so happy with their complete family.  Lisa and Jared admitted that they were not yet done.  So we made fun of them some more.

One day, we all went to a baseball game.  Someone got box seats and we had an awesome time.

Not long after, I felt strange.  It was a familiar strange. 

No.  Oh no.  No no no no no no no. No.

Yes.  The pregnancy test confirmed it.

Dammit.  I just started a new job.  I was over 40 for Chrissake.

The first person I call was Lisa.  I was in tears.

She was ecstatic.  Not in a "nyah nyah" way, in a "I'm so thrilled for you guys" way.  She rushed right over to give me a big hug because she could tell I needed one. 

The second person I called was Sam.  I left a message that went something like this:

"Sam.  I'm pregnant.  Call me"

Sam laughed her head off and then called me.  As we were chatting she casually mentioned that she wasn't feeling quite herself either.

"No", she said, "Oh no. No no no no no no no. No."

"Dude", I said, "Take a test and call me back"

She called within an hour.


I laughed and jeered, Lisa laughed and celebrated and we waited for the arrival of our two new kiddos.

Did I mention that we had the same obstetrician? 

Did I mention that Sam is also our accountant?

Lisa has her babies on nature's time, but Sam and I set appointments.  I have to have C Sections, and Sam is just a scheduler. 

The OB said we could have the babies on December 31, so we could get the tax benefit.  That was a Stimulus year too. 

On December 31, 2007, Paul Zentaro A was born.  An hour later, Lianne Rachel M was born.  The hospital put Sam and I in adjacent rooms and we celebrated the new year holding our precious miracle babies.

When Lisa announced that her fourth was on the way, Sam and I hugged her and celebrated with her.

And kept our mouths SHUT.

Happy Birthday Paul and Lianne.  We love you very much!

Yes, you have to go to Prom together


  1. Happy New Year! Glad you finally learned to keep your mouth shut! ;-)

  2. What a fabulous story! Sounds like how my life operates! My two brothers (who are twins) were born on New Years as well, which has contributed to it being one of my absolute favorite holidays of all time.

    I wanted to thank you for all the holiday wishes this past week, I'm usually better about expressing gratitude but I let all the lovely comments you left on my blog slip away and linger in the back of my mind but I didn't want to forget completely. So THANK YOU so much for everything, and I hope that Christmas and New Years were safe and happy and fulfilling for you and your family and everyone that you care about, and I hope that this new year is completely fabulous for you :)

  3. That is one great story! And those are two beautiful children. I agree they should go to prom together.

  4. LOL!!! Yes you have to go to prom together. LOVE IT!!!!!


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