Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Stylish Blogger

I got another FUN award!

Mommy A from Being Veruca gave me this award:

You know I love getting awards.  I love it!  Look for Being Veruca on my blog roll!

I now have to tell you 7 things about myself. I blog pretty much everything, so you may know some of this already, but. . . .

1.  I have lived in Illinois twice, Texas twice, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, California and Arizona.

2. I have never been outside of the country.  That's embarrassing.  I like to think of myself as uber-cosmopolitan, but I am about as cosmopolitan as a screwdriver.  (Get it?  Get it? HAHAHHA)

3. If I write a post I think is funny, I read it over and over hoping for new commenters to tell me how hysterical I am.  Insecure much?

4. I gave up booze with no trouble.  Giving up diet pop and desserts seem to be completely beyond me.

5.  I think Tony Danza has aged really really well and if I hadn't married Greg, I would seriously consider Tony.  Even though he's kinda too old for me. 

6.  I was in the Junior League.   I got dishonorably discharged.  But not for something cool like telling all the snobby beeches to get a life.  Most of the women in the League are really, really cool.  (At least in Corpus Christi).  I got dishonorably discharged because I missed my meeting quota and was too lazy to make them up. 

7.  I cry every time I hear a patriotic song.  Proud to be an American makes me blubber like a tired toddler.

So there are my seven. Now I get to bestow upon 5 fellow bloggers this same honor.

1. Kathryn at Livin' Life the Smart Way!  She my friend IRL, and my running buddy. 

2. Miss Sweet Tea at Sweet Tea Diaries.  She's just ADORABLE!

3. Fuck My Table.    Do I really need to say anymore?

4. Nicki from The Loaded Handbag.  Smart, funny and takes incredible photos.  I have a major girl-crush on her.

5. Rae at Rae's Randomness.  Rae is my cousin-in-law and an incredible person.  Love her!

Thank you Mommy A!



    I admire you for living in so many places all around the country. Me? I've never left the East coast.
    As for foreignness, I've only been to Mexico. And Puerto Rico. But that doesn't count. Well, it sort of counts.

    AND THANK YOU FOR MY AWARD! I'm currently wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt I stole from my mom, but I feel oh-so more stylish now.

  2. ok, number one: you have me beat, michigan and utah for all intents and purposes are the only two i have had driver's licenses in so they are the only two that count, but i spent lots of time in virginia in my youth, going to school there in first grade and eighth grade...number two: i have been to canada as we lived south of it when we were in detroit and used to go to the casino across the river in windsor, mostly, but we drove through ontario a few time to cut around the lake...number three: i laugh at 95 percent of your blogs, the one with the tire and the sledge hammer, i could only look on in awe and wonder (as in wonder 'what the hell was she thinking')...number four: i haven't given up booze yet, just went to the state liquor store yesterday, but that is a whole nother story for some other time and diet pop is not in my vocabulary, i would rather have the calories than the chemicals and dessert is something i consider a meal...number five: i have always loved the older actors and was devastated to find out that 70 something robert redford married a 50 something woman and if he was going to do that he could have had me...number six: they didn't have the junior league where i am from, just the junior achievement...and finally, as longwinded as i am, this could have been my blog, i cried at number seven and at your description of me, now i have to dry my tears and get off the pot and blog...

  3. thank you for the award! now tell me how to get it on my blog...lol...and screw it, i am going to copy and paste my comment as my blog! love you, cuz!

  4. Ooh, thanks for the award! I will get it posted soon!

  5. I liked your cosmo joke. :) Thanks for the award!

  6. Dishonorable discharge? Sounds like news you don't want to hear at the gyno. Sorry. Couldn't resist!!

    Love your list- It's really interesting. And you ARE funny. :)


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