Monday, January 31, 2011

Weird Names I Kinda Like

As you learned from my last post, I am a name hater. 

If you are an American and didn't name your child after a major character in the bible or classic literature, then I probably don't like their name. 

I also hate off-spellings.  I love the name Jane.  I hate the name Jayne. Don't care for Jaine either.

That said, I do have a handful of "weird" names that I really like. 

I like:

Maud - Actually, Maud would have been fourth after Aline, Claire & Molly.

Maybe this is why I don't have girls.   
Cary  - I tried and tried and tried to get Greg to agree to a Cary. It is not either a girl's name. 
Kelly - I went to high school with a boy Kelly.  And he was dreamy.  It is NOT a girl's name!  I mean, yes, girls can be names Kelly.  It's a nice name for a girl. But it's also a great name for a boy. 
Atticus  - My friend almost named her son Atticus, but she named him Holden instead.  At least Holden is from another of my favorite books.  Holden is a cutie.  And yes, I like his name.  It has a meaning.  If she named him Joldyn?  She would be out of the inner circle. 

That's about it.


  1. How about this one: my friend named her daughter Loren Marie. We call her Rennie. She picked Marie because of the little white kitten in the Disney move The Aristocats. She picked Loren because she has always been a fan of Vincent Price and found that his character in The House On Haunted Hill had a last name that could work as a first name for a little girl.

  2. Okay friend - sorry to say this but.....

    Cary ~ Stacy ~ Tracy & Kelly

    are all GIRLS names!!!! And they fall into the category of not being able to tell if it's a boy or girl when you see the name on paper.

    You'd be setting the poor boy up for alot of teasing if you gave them a girly name. JMO!!! ;)

  3. @Kathryn. I know. But I do like the names. I didn't USE them -- even though I did lobby for Cary. But I like em!

  4. Jayne is not a Girls Name !!!

    -Dave Liddy

  5. I HATE names that are not names and names that are deliberately misspelled. And I have to say, as a teacher: androgynous names are a BITCH. I also do not like names that are clearly a rip-off of something that will probably be flash-in-the-pan. Like if you named your kids Bella, Edward, and Jacob (although I like all those names individually). I LOVE names that are real but unusual, old-fashioned (Love Jane. Not so much Maude or Bertha, though. Like Margaret.), or from another culture for girls. For boys I like Bible names. And Colin. I wanted to name my first Colin. My husband said it would get him beat up, so we named him David. If I ever have a girl, I will name her Annika -- but like you, I seem to be a boy-producing woman.


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