Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Happy Meal Debate

I wasn't going to make a statement about the whole Banning Happy Meals issue.  Because you KNOW I wouldn't support that even if they gave me free fries for life.

First of all, I love McDonald's.  Worked there for a summer in college -- had a blast.  I grew up very near Hamburger U & believe me, I support their corporate culture. 

Also, anyone who thinks Happy Meals promote childhood obesity has obviously never sat near a kid with a Happy Meal. 

A few weeks ago, we went to the beach.  (We live in South Texas and the beach in November is AWESOME!).  Afterwards, we picked up lunch.  A Quarter Pound of yummy for me, Greg & Joe (with fries and a real coke.  MMMMMM), happy meals for the littles.  Quality family time.  With fries.  But we were at the beach first.  Running, swimming and playing.  Very active.

Here is an example of my end of the conversation:

Me:  Look, a Bakugan Toy!  Good.  Let's put it away until after lunch.

Me:  I said AFTER lunch.


Me:  I will throw that damn thing in the trash if you don't take a bite of your sandwich right now.

Me:   Just eat three fries.

Me:  Drink the milk first.

Me.  You asked for the nuggets, now eat them.

Me:  He gets the cheeseburger because he asked for it.  You asked for chicken, now eat it.

Me:  No -- he cannot have your cheeseburger.  Eat it. 

Me:  You don't have to eat all the fries. Just a few.

Me:  I will eat the rest of the fries.  Don't worry.  Just take a few bites of chicken.

Me:  Can't you eat the whole nugget? 

Me:  I told you AFTER lunch.  You have to eat it.  You can't just wait until we're done.

Me:  Fine.  But if you're hungry later, too bad.

See, kids don't eat Happy Meals.  Some moms (like me) finish Happy Meals. So Happy Meals do not promote childhood obesity.  They just make moms fatter. 

THIS is what kids want to do with Happy Meals.

I rest my case.


  1. Yep - the Happy Meals are all about the toys!!

    As for the mom who started this whole stupid ban - if you don't want your kids to eat Happy Meals, then don't take them to McDonalds. Who's in charge at your house?? You or your kid??

  2. I'm with Kathryn. A while ago there was an articl in the NY times about a mom who wanted to ban ice cream trucks from driving past or stopping near parks. Apparently, the moms felt "ambushed" by sweets on wheels, because everytime the kids heard the music, they had a meltdown until they got their ice creams. When all mom wanted was for the children to play outside.

    To which my answer was, "Who's in charge here? If your kid throws a fit, take her home. No ice cream AND no playground. HELLO!"

    Turns out the lobby was dropped when the times researched the crazy mom and found out that she owned a store......guess what she sold.

    Deep-fried candy bars!

    Anyway, thanks for brightening my morning. It's pretty accurate. The only way I can get my bigger little to eat his nuggets is if I order a milkshake and refuse to share until he's had something resembling protein.

  3. @Tamar -- I thought milkshake WAS protien! Maybe that's why I am a size 22! LOL

  4. A milkshake IS protein -- for Mommy!! I have higher nutritional standards for my littles. I have much, much higher flavor standards for myself. :)

  5. You hit the nail on the head here! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place, and for the kind comment.

    Your kids are WAY too stinkin' cute!!!!


    And this post made me laugh a LOT.

    But it also made me crave McDonalds. At 8:13 AM. WHY MUST YOU START LUNCH AT 10:30, MCDONALDS? WHY?

  7. i told my son that all the popsicles on the truck had been licked on and put back in their wrappers. i also let him say "hell's bells!" when he heard the popsicle truck.

    he appreciated the fact i kept cheapo popsicles in the frisge. he's 28 years old now and has NEVER eaten anything from the popsicle truck. and i NEVER paid $3 for a bomb pop!

  8. very cute! and mine just want to play in the playland.

  9. I didn't think anyone at at McD's any


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