Friday, January 21, 2011

An Open Letter to Carrie Fisher

Dear Carrie -- can I call you Carrie?

First, let me get this out of the way:  LOVED YOU in Blues Brothers.  That's my favorite role of yours.  I see Princess Leia every day because I have 3 little boys, which means that some version of Star Wars is on at my house 24/7.  Princess Leia is a great character, but NOTHING like Jake's Ex.  Awesome.

Carrie, I read your interview in People Magazine


Carrie, Carrie, Carrie.

You have survived a childhood with very famous parents.  You have survived alcoholism and drug addiction.  You have built a career in your own right -- not as the daughter of two very famous celebs, but as an intelligent and versatile actress, writer and director.  You played Jake's Girlfriend in Blues Brothers for Chryssake.  Haven't you learned by now that you have intrinsic value? 

I understand that you feel that it is humiliating to be fat.  I'm fat.  I've felt that. 

But I don't feel that way anymore.  Humiliation is appropriate when you have done something shameful.

Have you slept with someone else's husband?  If so, then you deserve to be humiliated.  That is a horrible, shameful, ugly thing to do.

Remember when you stole money to buy drugs?  That was shameful. You felt humiliated once you were found out, right?  (Actually, I don't know if you've ever done that.  But my husband watches a lot of Addiction on TV, and he says stealing to buy drugs is pretty common.)

Being fat is not shameful.  You haven't done anything wrong.

You want a body like your 18 year old daughter has. Of course you do!  We all do!  But you aren't 18 any more.  You are in your 50's.  You have the body of someone in their 50's.

By all means, do what you can to be healthy.  Feel strong in your body.  Eat good, nutritious food.  Care for yourself.  But don't beat yourself up.

As for schilling for Jenny Craig?  THAT is humiliating.  Look what the media did to poor Kirsti Alley.  Valerie Bertanelli looks pretty good still, but I don't know how long she'll keep it up.  Besides, Jenny Craig has the worst hairstyle since Princess Leia.  I mean, it was cute once, but the 80's are over. 

I like Jenny Craig.  I do.  Jenny's food is pretty good.  The macaroni & cheese?  Yum.  The cheesecake is good and I love the French toast.  But you can't eat frozen entrees your whole life which is why Kirsti, Valerie and I have all gained back at least some -- if not all -- of the weight lost on the Jenny Craig program. 

So.  Try Jenny for a while if it jump starts you.  But if you really want health?  Stop feeling humiliated.  And then call my friend Victor at V-Fit.  You will feel great. 




  1. Love this post. I have to confess that I watch "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on the Biography Channel from time to time. The episode featuring Carrie Fisher's ghost story was truly horrifying, not only for her chilling tale of the time her friend and houseguest actually DIED while sleeping in bed next to her (!!!!), but for how atrocious her hair and makeup were! I really feel that for Carrie fat isn't the issue, it is her lack of style: mad makeup, bad hair color, bad wardrobe - which is why most celebs have the good sense to hire stylists!!

  2. I haven't read the article in People but I'm sure your assessment is right on. She has nothing to be afraid of -- that woman is a *survivor*.

    Did you see her HBO special "Wishful Drinking?" It's funny and brilliant. Absolutely worth Netflixing.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend... xo!

  3. Is it bad that my first thought was "Her daughter is 18 finally?" quickly followed by "I don't think she is fat. I still love her to the ends of the galaxy that is far, far away and back."


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