Monday, January 10, 2011

Politics Aside, I love Michelle Obama

I really do.  Elegant, classy, real. . . .I love her.  I didn't vote for Barack, I voted for Michelle. 

I think her focus on eliminating childhood obesity is right on target!  (As long as she doesn't do it legislatively).

But see if you can spot the thing that really bugs me about the Magic of Healthy Living series she did for Disney:

Mrs. Obama -- what the hell are you wearing?  You look like a Nana at Walmart, not the elegant First Lady that you are. 

I shouldn't care about what she wears.  I shouldn't.  It's shallow.  Petty.  Small. But IT BUGS ME.

She wore an adorable twin set for Sesame Street.  Couldn't she wear a classic white tee with a jean jacket?  Or how about a crisp button front blouse?  Or even better -- one of those cute wrap tops. 

Her pants are fine -- not great, but fine.  The top?  Fugly. 

She is this decade's fashion icon.  Sigh. 

I still love you, Michelle. 


  1. OMG - Fugly doesn't even begin to describe that top. I can't think of one nice thing to say about it. And the pants are just as bad. They look like skinny pants that are way too short.

    Whoever dressed her for these segments should be fired!!!

  2. Yup. I'm with you on that one.

  3. You are SO not kidding. What a weird top. Like, WTF?

    (shannon mchugh)


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