Monday, February 28, 2011

I need your feedback


I have been out of pocket for a few days. 

You just thought "Finally, she gets a life" didn't you? 


Anyway -- I had family visiting from Chicago.  We had so much fun I didn't even check my Facebook.

And I ALWAYS check my Facebook.

Obviously, if I haven't checked Facebook, I haven't come up with a blog topic. 

This isn't a problem except that when you don't post frequently, your blog scoots way down the blog rolls. 

So here's what I need from you:

When I (occasionally) get a life, would you rather I:

a. just post when my schedule allows.

b. re-post an oldie.

Thanks for letting me know!


  1. Re-post an oldie. Many people haven't read every single one of your posts, and even if they have, at least they see something from you and therefore don't forget about you =]

  2. Re-post an oldie. As a new reader, I'd like to read some of your older stuff (translation: too lazy to go sifting through them). I echo Jamie's comments 100%.
    Anything I said would be a repeat of her. Anything I said would be a repeat of her.

  3. OK, first of all, let's address the fact that you were in Chicago, and we didn't meet for drinks!!!! ;-)

    I'm with the others, repost!

  4. Yep, repost.
    Of course this is coming from someone who laughed about cut-up fruit helping w/ weight loss on the day you reposted that one. I laughed all day on it. At completely random times, too. And looked like an idiot.

  5. I vote for just post when you can. If I like a blogger I'll go back and read their old stuff. No sense, making your life any harder. The material is there, make the reader do a little work to find it. It's worth it.

  6. I am leaning towards the re-posts. Thanks guys! And Chi-town -- family came south -- I am not crazy enough to head to record snowfall and freezing temps! LOL!

  7. repost. why not? or link to meeeeee.

  8. I'm a "post when you can" girl too. As much as I love you, I'm perfectly okay with waiting til you post. Gives me something to look forward to. =)


I LOVE to read comments. Seriously. I check them every day. Insecure? Maybe.