Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Update

Remember when I blogged my Revolutions and talked about how goals must be specific, written , blah blah blah?  Well, they must also be updated. 


March 1st.  First day of the last month of the quarter.  (If you are in business, that last sentence should make some sense).

My updates are in pretty purple type.

I will take one class each session. Update:  I am taking Business Calculus.  I should be studying for it instead of blogging.  I secretly wish for violent stomach flu so I will have a legitimate reason for missing class.  Plus violent stomach flu always takes a few pounds off.

I don't have any social goals this year.  Update.  I still don't have any social goals this year. 

I will read at least one book about my faith every quarter. Update:  I have one month to get this done.  I've read the last issue of the Liguorian, and South Texas Catholic.  But those are periodicals, so they don't count.

I will work out at least 4 times each week.  Update:  Doing it.  I pushed a truck. 

I will include fruit and/or vegetables at each meal. Update:  Define vegetable.  I have some work to do here.

We will pay off the goddamn Sallie Mae by 12/31/2012. Update:  On track.  We are coming to get you Bitch.

Remember I said:

Here's what I am not going to do:

Go on a diet.  Update:  we may have to rethink this one. 

Actually, I am not going to diet.  But I may decide to do weight watchers. Even though I fucking hate weight watchers.   (Weight Watchers says they are not a diet. Bullshit.  They tell you how to manipulate your food choices in order to lose weight.  That's called a diet.)  The fact is, weight fucking watchers works.  If you are disciplined and follow the plan. 

See, I think I am having trouble with my vegetables because I am not planning effectively.  Weight fucking watchers has a pre-made plan.  And really annoying meetings.  And literature featuring photos of 50ish year old women in bright clothes riding bikes with their No-Way-Is-He-Straight husbands.   IF I decide to go to weight fucking watchers, I need to change my attitude or it really won't work.  But that is easier said than done.  And the more I try to change my attitude about weightfuckingwatchers the more I fucking hate them. 

If I had an extra $500 a month, I'd go on Jenny-is-a-bad-hair-bitch-Craig.  Actually, if I had an extra $500, I'd give it to Vic because he has great hair, plus he deserves it. 

I don't have $500 to pay for Jenny-80's hair-Craig.

Maybe I can do it on my own! 

Yeah right.    If I could do it on my own, I wouldn't need to even think about joining weight-fuck-fuck-fuck-watchers.  But I do need to.  I need to do it for me.  I need to do it for Vic & Gabe.  Seriously. They have done amazing things for me so far.  But unless I can get control of my food choices, we're stuck where we are. 

I hate being stuck. 

New Goal:  Join fucking weight watchers.  And maybe quit swearing so much.


  1. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! This made me fucking bust a gut!!!

    I'm with you on the WW thing. I always say I could never be bothered to do all that BS, but EVERYONE I know who's ever done it has lost TONS of weight!

    Years ago, about 9 months after I got married, I started Jenny, and lost about 80lbs. I was the thinnest I've EVER been. As a matter of fact, I was a bombshell for my sister's wedding (about a year after I started). My own family members were asking her who her maid of honor was because they didn't freakin' recognize me!! But, a few months after the wedding, I got pregnant, and the rest is history. :( I, too, wish I could afford Jenny again. I would do it in an instant!!

    **ok, I shit you not, my word ver word is 'diaturs' as in "We both should become 'diaturs' so we can drop our asses!" hahaha!

  2. My friend did WW 2 years ago, and lost like 80 lbs. She's kept it off, but now she is totally food obsessed. She won't cook or eat anything without weighing it first. I'd rather stay fat than end up like that.

  3. @ChiTown -- LOL!
    @Chunky Mama -- I KNOW! I am so with you. And even when i lose 80 lbs, I'll still be a size 16, so . .. . It would suck to weigh all my food and still be fat. You know? But Size 16 is the smallest I want to get. OK. Maybe a 14. But not a 12. too thin for me. I would look like an Olsen Twin.

  4. Like, OMG! Ha! I was totally thinking of joining weight watchers and you just cracked me up.
    I called Jenny once and that bitch told me that, since I have food allergies, "perhaps I should try another program". The cat's out of the bag: Jenny discriminates against the afflicted.
    And business calc? Really? I was sure my new plan to do an MBA instead of med school post-Zach meant my completely dysfunctional relationship with calc was over. You have wrecked my world, Mary.

  5. Mommy A -- do Med School It's your passion. Business isn't. (Is it?)

  6. Mommy A- My daughter is a physician's assistant. It took her two years (year round) to get her degree. She has a great paying job and enjoys it a lot. Physician's assistants are in demand now. You may want to check it out.

    Mary - You can do anything you set your mind to. You are a very determined woman. You will really do well in Calc - just have a positive attitude about it. I'm glad you are trying to stop swearing.

  7. Anon -- I am not really trying to stop swearing.

  8. I'm trying to do the veggie thing, too. Whole grain! Veggies! Fruits! Yeah...it's tough. Especially in winter. Maybe start a basic food diary instead of joining WW?

    Also, I still think it's freaking awesome that you pushed a truck.

  9. I loved WW when I did it. I didn't think it was so much a diet, as it was a guideline to a healthier lifestyle. I still ate what I wanted, I was just more aware of portion sizes and my snacking habits. I think I need to get back on it.

    I'm trying to do the whole eat right/exercise thing, but it's very slow going. Kinda discouraging to work out hard for weeks on end, and not see results. I still can't fit in my sexy jeans :(


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