Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Success. . . I Think

Kate Spade - adorable- from $298.  I don't have a pair of these.  I wish I did.

Sometimes working on fitness has unexpected successes.  Like being able to tackle three flights of stairs without wheezing at the top. 

Yesterday I was wearing a dress and a new pair of pumps.  Cute pumps.  They are like a Mary Jane-Spectator Pump hybrid.  So adorable.  I bought them slightly smaller than I usually wear because they didn't have my size.  In my book, cute shoes are cute shoes and if your toes pinch a little, suck it up. 

I stopped to chat with the custodian of our building.  His name is Jesse and he is really nice.  Another man who works in our building was standing near by.  I am going to call him Tony.  I am not going to say his real name because I don't want to embarrass him.  And if I misconstrued what happened, I don't want to embarrass me. 

I noticed that Tony was looking at something.  He had a look on his face. . . .you know the one.  The look that a man gives an attractive girl when she walks by.  Not a leer -- he wasn't being a lech.  It was just the look.  And it was just for a second.

I looked around to see who he was looking at.  No one was there but me & Jesse. 

He seemed to be looking down a little bit.  I followed his gaze and. . . .I think. . . .I think he . . . . .

I think he was looking at my legs. 

Of course I checked to see if I had a piece of toilet paper stuck to them or something. 

I didn't.

Then he said "I like your stilettos".

Stilettos?  Well, that proves Tony is not gay.  If he were gay he would know that my shoes are Mary Jane-Spectator hybrids. 

I didn't have any toilet paper stuck to them and my skirt was not tucked into my underwear.

There was only one logical explanation.

He checked me out.

Just for a second. 

I don't know if I can count that as a "success". .. .  but it kinda feels like one.


  1. I love it Mary! How awesome! You truly inspire me - if just helping me THINK about getting more fit! I love to read your blog, always perfect when I need a quick pick me up!

  2. Total success!!!! Yay for you!!!!! I love cute shoes, but unfortunately, most of my days are spent right here on my couch in fleece pants and a long sleeve tee....the joys of working from home. But that also means I have no where to wear cute shoes. :( Luckily I do get gussied up on the weekend whenever possible...but the budget rarely allows shopping for cute shoes!

  3. Hell, yes, that counts! Go you! :)

  4. Success is success, Mary. Don't cheat yourself.


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