Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I recently gave you a "Peek into Purgatory" where I described all the fun things Gabe makes me do on this:

"1. The Box. This is where the Burpees happen. Burpees are the fun thing where Gabe makes you drop to your hands, kick your feet out behind you to a push-up position, then bring your feet back in, then jump. Gabe likes to do sets of 25. Sometimes 30. Sometimes more.

The Box is also for Mountain Climbers and Step Ups. Gabe likes to do those in sets of 50 or 100. I mean, Gabe likes ME to do those in sets of 50 or 100.

Also, Gabe loves to do four sets of everything. Sometimes he likes five sets. Five sets of 30 burpees is 150 burpees. Just in case you hadn't noticed."

Gabe read the post.  Then Karma set in.

Today?  I had to do 300. 

Scared of what I have to do tomorrow.


  1. Bwaahahahahaha.

    In honor of DS Palcencia and DS Oliver, A-5-3, Fort Lenoard Wood, Missouri.

  2. Burpees are better than Fartees, though.
    Unless you want the gym to yourself.

  3. No update yet? Oh no! Did you get stuck in Purgatory? D=


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