Saturday, February 2, 2013

Well Played Clark Kent. . .

I always thought that Superman was so stooopid because how could Lois Lane not know that Clark Kent was Superman?

His "disguise" was glasses.

D-U-M dumb.

But then today. . . . .

The messy, trendy, fun Color Me Rad 5K came to our town.

Color Me Rad is a race that travels around the country.  It's just like most other 5Ks except its HUGE -- we had about 6200 people there this morning.

Where are you people when we do the rest of our 5Ks?

Also, the fun of CMR is the color.   Runners are dusted, squirted, and bombed with vibrant colors. 

Here is how I looked BEFORE:

Yes -- those are boxers.

Here is AFTER:


Notice the sunglasses? 

Everyone had to wear them to protect our eyes from all the color.

I was looking forward to seeing all my friends there.  I knew they were there -- Facebook has been buzzing about it for weeks.

I was running with my friend Kathy -- this was her FIRST 5K!  Whoot!  I wanted to introduce her to all my fitness friends.

But I didn't see hardly anyone!  I saw Sarah, & Mark, & Omar & Mendy.  Kathy saw a couple of her friends, but that was it.

I thought maybe people were dodging me on purpose. 

But my friends aren't assholes like that.

I didn't get it.

Until the aftermath.

My friends were there.  ALL Of them.  Amy, Dee, Mary, Rachel, Lisa, Marjorie, Oakley, Robert, Michelle. . .everybody was there.

But they were wearing sunglasses.

And I didn't recognize them.

My husband thought that was a stoopid theory.

But I can prove it.

My friend Michelle posted a pic on FB.  She's the one in the middle.


See the girl with the white bow in her hair?  That's Kathy.  See the girl in the boxers right in front of Kathy, kinda blocked by Michelle's friend?


Clark Kent knew what he was doing.


  1. BAHAHA! I like to think no one can recognize me in my sunglasses. But everybody does. But this post gives me hope! NO ONE KNOWS IT'S ME AT THE LIQUOR STORE AT 10 A.M.! I'M WEARING SUNGLASSES! MUA-HA-HA!

    Another fabulous 5K checked off the list, my friend!

  2. I LOVE COLOR ME RAD!!!! It came to SC in Oct of this past year and we had SOOOOO much fun. It was my sister's first 5K - she's a Pre-K teacher, so of course the first race she'd run would be looking like a giant craft project gone horribly wrong.

    Despite blowing multicolored boogs the rest of the weekend, it was one of my favorite races. :)

    >> And funny enough, I had the same experience - I got home to see the bajillion Twitter/FB/Instagram of everyone I knew in town and did not seem them AT ALL. Crazy!

  3. OMG! I was there too. I walked, as opposed to ran, but I did it. It was my first 5K. I wish I had seen you there. It would be so cool to meet IRL.


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