Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pretty as a Picture

Going through my Facebook Photos, I noticed that most of my photos aren’t super flattering. 

Don’t care.

I used to hate photos of myself. . . until I realized that like it or not, this is what I look like.   

My friends like to see my picture.   Not because I'm gorgeous, but because I am their friend.  

I realized that my CHILDREN needed to see photos of me. 

Even in my bathing suit.  

I am not real pretty, but I am their mom.  I am a special kind of pretty to them that they will never see in another woman.  Not their wives, not their daughters, not even their grandmothers.  This beauty is mine.  And it's theirs.  Because no one will ever see me the way they do.  

I am committed to allowing my photo to be in our family scrapbooks. For my kids.  And maybe for their kids.  So I guess what I am saying is. . . .let those who love you see photos of you.

Even if you look like this:

This is me with 2 dreamy guys


  1. I love to see your pictures Mary!
    So happy you are blogging once again.

  2. You ARE real pretty! Love this post! Xoxo


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