Monday, May 16, 2011

Scared Grasshopper

Remember when I started working out with Vic and I got kinda cocky and I'm all "I am going to run a 5K every month for a year!" ?

And I have *cough* "run" one 5 K a month since October 2010.

It's been great!  I've had lots of fun, got lots of T-Shirts and have beat my best more than once. 

This month is different.

This month is the 36th Annual Beach to Bay relay marathon.

I heard you gasp.   Don't worry -- It's a RELAY marathon.  I am not going to run it by myself. 

And that's what scares me to DEATH. 

I am running with five other people.  Five awesome people.  Our team is called Victor's Grasshoppers.  Isn't that a stooopid name?  I couldn't think of any other names.  I just kinda think of Victor as Master Po -- only not blind.  And we are like David Carradine. . .without the auto-erotic asphyxiation.  We're going to wear vivid green shirts.  And pink skorts.  Well, I am wearing a pink skort.  Don't know about the other guys.

I'm running the shortest. . .I mean first leg. 

Fear #1: Five other, awesome people are going to have to make up time for me.

It is the largest relay marathon in the US.  NO OTHER PLACE in our country has a marathon relay this big. 

Fear #2: What if I am SO SLOW that my relay partner gives up and goes home?

It's so big, we have to take a shuttle to the race.

Fear #3: What if I am so slow I miss the shuttle back home?

I am "running" the beach leg. 

Fear #4:  What if I am so slow that the Sexy Seniors running club kicks sand in my face as they pass me?

The beach leg is short, but it's on sand.  So it's challenging.

Fear #5: What if I am SO SLOW that the race is over by the time I pass the baton?

This Saturday, if you see a sweaty, sandy, slow, scared runner wearing a green T-Shirt and a pink skort -- that will be me.


  1. You will do just fine grasshopper! :)
    No worries, just run and have fun. See you out there. Laurie LG

  2. You're gonna do great!! I have faith in you. :)

  3. Ooh, you're going to do GREAT! You are really awesome, you know that??!

  4. Ha Ha. I thought it said Sacred Grasshopper.

  5. Nonsense, you're going to be fab. And just think how smug and virtuous you'll feel after the fact! :)

  6. You can do it! And when you're done, come to the finish line - I'll be there at the souvenir booth, next to the beer tent! I am so proud of you - I haven't had the guts to run it so I just joined the committee instead :-)

  7. You can do it!!! Good luck, and try to have fun! :)

  8. I love you, running grasshopper! I know that you can and WILL run that first leg like a champ!


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