Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad:

Happy Father's Day!

I tell you pretty often that I love you.  I don't tell you often enough WHY I love you.

Of course, I love you because you're my dad.  But really, being my dad doesn't have that much to do with it.  There are so many other reasons.  I am going to list a few, but only a few.  The whole list is so long that even you would be bored about halfway through.

I love you because you are a great husband.  You love Mom so much and you are not afraid to say so.  Because of you, I have a great husband.  I didn't settle for some asshole who would treat me like shit because I KNOW how a wife is supposed to be treated.

I love you because you aren't going to get all bent out of shape because I used the words "asshole" and "shit" in my letter to you. 

I love you because you really live our faith and don't just go to church because you should.  You love Jesus, and it shows.  You love the Church, and it shows.  You respect others' right to worship as they please -- and it shows.

I love you because you are really really fun to be with.  You have such a zest for life.  Remember when you came up to Madison to take me to the Ohio-Wisconsin game?  Remember how Wisconsin won and no one could believe it?  When the fans streamed on to the field, you ran out with them.  And we danced the polka and cheered and laughed and then went out on the town and drank beer until midnight. That remains one of my most precious memories.

I love you because you are so resilient.  Life has belted you in the chops more than once.  But you never let it keep you down.  You always keep God and family front and center, so when things get rough, you are able to weather through it.  I thank God for your example.

I love you because you never got bent out of shape about things like me burning out the transmission on your new car or me getting the car towed to Cabrini Green in the middle of the night or me promising a friend a ride to Barrington without asking you first. 

I love you because you totally supported me moving to LA after college even though it probably wasn't the most prudent thing to do. 

I love you because you are a wonderful Grandpa.

I love you because you are wonderful Father in Law.

I love you because you are a wonderful Man.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Also, because you are handsome.  Love you!

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  1. The tow to Cabrini Green made me gasp out loud! And, wow, Barrington? Really?! I would have killed you! ;-)


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