Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Cry at Weddings

Yesterday, Greg & I went to a wedding of a dear friend of mine.

I remember when she met her husband.  I remember how happy he made (makes) her.

It made me cry.

I cried at the homily.  I cried at the Ave Maria.  I cried at the vows.  I cried at the final blessing. 

Then I went to the reception.

I cried at the toast.  I cried at the father-daughter dance.  I cried at the mother-son dance.  

I can't help it.  It was beautiful.

I haven't been to a wedding in a very long time.  This wedding was really, really great.

The pianist at the mass was world renowned musician Lee Gwodz.  This is the guy that the Pope has over to perform at Christmas.  And he lives in my town.  And he also works out with me.  So he usually sees me sweating in a skort.  I didn't wear a skort to the wedding.

When I went over to say hello, he told me I looked gorgeous.  He meant it.  Kinda made the day that much better for me.

Between the wedding and the reception, Greg & I went for a drink.  We were all dressed up, in a restaurant with no kids.  It was a date.  A fun, flirty, fantastic date.  We reminisced about our wedding and talked of our future.  He did the little things that make me swoon -- held my hand in the street, opened my door, helped me into the truck. . ."boyfriend" stuff.  Only we've been married for almost 19 years. 

At the reception, we spent time with awesome people.  You know how you go someplace like church or the grocery store or someplace and you see people there who you know by sight but you've never actually met?  There was a couple there who goes to our church.  Their kids are older than our kids, so we aren't in the same circles.  We finally introduced ourselves and you know what?  We like them.  We like them a lot.  We are definitely going to be friends with them.

We also saw friends that we just don't get to see enough.  They are "our" friends, but in all actuality, they are "my" friends because I am the one who really knows them.  They were in my leadership class -- that is how I know the bride -- and they know Greg, but they don't really know Greg.  Greg is polite and pleasant but he is not naturally outgoing.  Everybody likes him, but not everybody "gets" him.

And that was the best part of the evening.  As we talked and joked and laughed, they got to know my Greg. 

Then we started dancing.  No one is surprised when I dance crazy, but Greg doesn't come across like a party animal.

He totally is.

And the more we danced, and laughed, and danced some more, the more my friends were falling in love with Greg.  They got to see him the way I know him -- fun and silly and up for anything.  It was so awesome to see that realization on their faces. 

I love weddings.  They make me cry.

Here's wishing Beth and Bert the same happiness that we've had for 19 years!



  1. i cry when i read your posts...some of them anyway...and this was you!

  2. I'm exactly the same way at weddings. Ain't it great? ;-)

  3. Mary, you are so awesome. You are right, we now know Greg better but you would only deserve someone as fun and good as you. I can't wait for Beth and Bert to see this. What a nice remembrance of such a special day.

  4. I share your affliction ... I cry at weddings and I always have. I don't know what it is about weddings that makes me cry. There is just something about seeing a beautiful bride come down the aisle and the look on the groom's face as he waits at the altar. It gets me every time.

  5. It sounds like such the perfect day!


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