Friday, July 15, 2011

Starving Scorpion

Dear Weight Watchers:

Today is day four of the new Points Plus! for me.  With all the fruit at Zero Points!  I'm eating my Power Foods!  And I'm Fucking Starving!

Your website says "Try adding more fiber to fill you up!"  and "Don't forget to drink your water!" 

I say "I'm still Fucking Starving!"

I hate you.  See you on Tuesday.


The Starving Scorpion

Dear Vic:

Last night was my 3rd Leadership Fitness Challenge!

Ricky made us do the Scorpion.  That was a new one.  We had to plank from our elbows, then lift our right leg and bring it over our left leg.  We had to do that 20 fucking times, then we had to switch legs.

This morning, I figured out why it's called the Scorpion.  It stings your ass like crazy.

Sorry for being cranky, I am starving and my ass hurts.

See you tomorrow.


The Starving Scorpion


  1. O...M...G, Mary this is great!! I'm with you though and I feel your pain my sister from another mister!!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    I'm soon to be a semi-exercising starving Gemini. We can just be hungry together!!!!! :)

  3. I LOVE when your inner-potty-mouth comes out!! Makes me love you even more. :)

    Sorry your ass hurts. But, think of it this way - it makes it harder to sit at the table and eat, right?

    Ok, I know that was lame, but I'm trying to make you forget that you're fucking starving and your ass hurts.

  4. You are funny! I'm sorry you're hungry, I am too!! I want to try the Scorpion, sounds painful. I hope you have a great weekend!


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