Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Thing It's Not About Looks. . .

Many people work out so they can look fitter, skinnier, prettier.

I have said all along that my goal is NOT about how I look, but how healthy I am.

What is important is good blood, fit joints and strength.

Not looks.

Good thing.  'Cause this ain't pretty.

Dips.  I am balancing on one heel and dipping my fat ass then pulling it back up.  Couldn't do these in High School.


  1. Holy hell, I am IMPRESSED!!!

    My arms are sore just from LOOKING at this! :(

  2. Blech. I hate those.

  3. I am so impressed that you work out. Just looking at your pictures makes me sweat. I realize that in CC, sweating is not optional. But it's too hot to do it on purpose.

  4. What? I couldn't even do one of are AWESOME!

  5. You are so wrong, my friend.

    A strong, smart, funny, caring woman....

    As beautiful as beautiful gets!

  6. Meh. I think you look FANTASTIC!


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