Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grocery List

This year, we are having fresh food for Thanksgiving.

Plus canned cranberry sauce. 

No boxes of stuffing.  No instant potatoes.  No jars of gravy.  No cool-whip.


My son wants to try a turducken.

I am sure you all see enough Food Network to know what a turducken is.

Instead of turkey, some people are now enjoying turducken as part of their holiday experience.

It's a duck, inside a chicken, inside a turkey.  Or a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.  I am pretty sure the turkey is not inside the duck.  Whatever it is, it is a freak of nature and we will have no part of it.

I'm not even eating cool-whip this year.  Turducken?

Forget it.


  1. The thought of turducken makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Always has. Now that CSJ is back in the picture, he's mentioned a couple of times now that he'd like to have one for Thanksgiving. Make me gag! The fact that this is a "tradition" he had with the whore and her family REALLY makes me gag. And, GUARANTEES we'll NEVER have one!

  2. Turducken sounds unnatural and disgusting to me.

    We're having an HEB cooked turkey breast, homemade sweet potatoes, Pepperidge Farms stuffing, and whatever kind of pie I get motivated to make. Cranberry Sauce will be the canned whole-berry kind. It's just going to be the two of us for lunch. Our kids are going the the Aggie-Longhorn football game and I refuse to cook for my lazy and ungrateful sisters-in-law who won't even help clean up. (Bitter? Me?)

    After lunch we're driving to Houston where we will spend the rest of the weekend spoiling the granddaughters while our kids go to the Renaissance Festival.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Everything fresh sounds DIVINE. When I lived in NC, my mother-in-law was always making fresh whipped cream. It's heaven. HEAVEN.

  4. You can make fresh cranberry sauce really easily! Don't pass it up for the canned stuff.

  5. I'm sorry, canned cranberry sauce rocks! Nothing says the holidays quite like rings around a red, gelatinous substance which can stand on its end on a plate. Yum!
    I'll eat turducken. If they hold the duck. And the chicken.


    I'll be right there with you.

    Hopefully documenting it.

    Stay tuned.

    PS. But. Eh. I'll be partaking in Cool Whip... Thanksgiving is the only time I allow myself to do so... ;)

  7. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year. I'm introducing my family to leeks. And Swiss chard. And whatever other yummy veggies land in my CSA box. Will they revolt? Maybe. But I am so-so-so with you on the nonprocessed food thing! But we all know I'm a from-scratch nut.


    And because I am poor. So. Yes.

    I'm kind of nervous about Thanksgiving...our oven is from the 40's or 50's and it's...temperamental. Senile, actually. We've yet to cook proper poultry in it since the internal temperature doesn't match up the (ancient and broken) temperature dial. So I'm worried I'm gonna ruin the turkey. AKA...ruin Thanksgiving. So we'll see. And I'll be thinking of you and your no-Cool-Whip Thanksgiving the whole time. Just send me some don't-overcook-the-turkey prayers.

  8. if it has the word "turd" in it, thou shalt not eat it. Please. Thank you.

  9. Have him go out and "harvest" his own Duck and Turkey. Sadly the chicken will have be purchased live and harvested at home.

    That will give him a reason to be thankful.


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