Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Time With A Girl. . .

I admit it, I was nervous.

Self conscious.

I mean -- she's incredible.  Her name is Clarissa, and she is gorgeous. 

Don't believe me?  She produced this video:

I asked if I was her first, but I'm not. 

I'm glad.  Because I needed someone with experience.

By the end of our first time together, I was panting, sweaty and exhausted -- but strangely exhilarated.

She was cool and confident.

Each time I returned, she coaxed me into doing more.  She showed me how to do it right. 

I never thought I would like it with a girl, but honestly, Clarissa has shattered my defenses.  If I can't have Gabe, I'm glad I have her.

She's the new trainer at V-Fit.

What did you think I was talking about?


  1. I think you just killed me I was laughing so hard.

  2. I really can't say.
    Except that it was HOT!
    And, it involved me.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahhahhahahahahhaha.

    I love you.

  4. Hehehehe... oh so many giggles this morning, Mary! ;)

    HOORAY for you getting a personal trainer! And I'm a firm believer that unless you're training for something crazy like a triathlon, lady trainers are the way to go... dudes just dooon't quite get how we work. ;)

    Can't wait to hear about the progress!


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