Monday, November 19, 2012

Identity Crisis

Once upon a time I was a blogger.

I had a domain name.

I had followers.  And commenters.  I even got spammed.

I started the blog to talk about why being fat isn't the worst thing in the world.  I wanted to share with the world that being fat has advantages. 

It does.

I found that being fat gave me presence.  And presence gave me courage.  Courage to speak out against bullying, prejudice and hatred.

Size awareness is important to me.  I will continue to write about it often.  But it gets a little. . . strident after a while.

Sometimes you just wanna have fun.

So I wrote fun things.  Silly things.  Tacky things. 

Then I became interested in getting fit, so I wrote about the funny and embarassing and triumphant things that happen to a fat girl who works out. 

I loved writing.

I loved reading the comments and hearing from people that they liked my writing.  I loved the attagirls and the affirmations.  I loved the blog friends I made along the way.

And then. . .

I guess I forgot to pay someone.

My domain name,, suddenly stopped directing to my blog. 


Somewhere, somehow, I pointed the domain to a host or somthing and agreed to pay a $10 hosting fee.   When it was time to re-up, my card had expired.  SInce their contact e-mail was one I check every 3 years or so, the message to update the payment expired.  Oops.

Can I find all my user names and passwords?

Uh.  No.

Every time I think I have it handled, Go Daddy says "it may take up to 3 days to respond".  Dude -- in 3 days I'm gonna be doing something else. 

So fuckit.  I'm done.  I need to move on. 

I need to get a new domain name. 

So I'm thinking of or  

Whaddya think?


  1. Sista Girl, I'm just glad you're BACK!!!!

    1. I missed you! And Adam! And Nicki! And Al! And Andi! And my bloggie friends!!

  2. I lost mine too. Except I thought I DID pay. Except I DID get a payment confirmation. EXCEPT THAT APPARENTLY I WASN'T PURCHASING THE DOMAIN, JUST REGISTERING FOR IT. Except some rat bastard already bought mine while I thought everything was taken care of. Except that I don't know if I'm going back. Or continuing the Handbag. Or maybe just staying domainless.

    I don't know. But I'm in that same crisis.

    And for what it's worth, I like

    1. I was wondering where the handbag went!

      And I don't mean to be petulant, but I LOVE the handbag. I have such a girl crush on you. . . you are like Holly Golightly & Molly Ringwald to me. I know you write for a living and blogging can seem like more work. . . but PLEASE don't stop blogging! You don't have to clal it handbag -- it can be douchebag if you want. . .just. . .just. .. please.

      Have a happy thankgiving.

  3. I also like

    If Nicki stops blogging I'm going to throw a tantrum. Just thought you should know that.

  4. Happened to me, too! My husband purchased the domain name as a gift a year or so ago and we had a really hard time converting everything over... we had gotten it figured out and BOOM it lapsed for a half-second and I had to do it all over again. Luckily I got it snagged back in time because I have a wanna-be on my hands and no WAY was homegirl getting the name. I now have to rebuild all my user presence though. Blurgh.

    PS. That explains why your blog JUSt popped back up on my reading list!

    Buuuut, yes, - love the sound of it. :)

    1. I am so glad i am not alone!

      Will buy thegiftoffat this weekend. Unless. . you know. . some other deluded fat chick wants it. . .


  5. I totally fell off the radar. Do you forgive me? And then I clicked on the link to catch up and...I won't even mention what it directed me to. It just wasn't you. But I found you. Keep me posted of the new domain name!

  6. where did my comment go? I made a comment because I fell off of the radar and then I couldn't find you. My comment disappeared. I suck.


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