Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Zombie

I am one of those sanctimonious souls who constantly bewails the aggressive pre-Halloween marketing of Christmas. 

I'm really kind of a PITA.

I flat out refuse to participate in Black Friday because I find it obnoxious to spend so much time, money and energy on crap no one really needs.

Again, total PITA.

But on the Saturday after Thanksgiving?

I become a Christmas Zombie.

I didn't realize it until I unpacked my groceries a few minutes ago.

I now own:

3 different "Christmas" home fragrances:  Christmas Tree, Cinnamon Sparkle and Candy Cane.

Candy Cane Oreos

Christmas Tree shaped snack cakes to send to school with the boys this week.

Holiday sparkle nail polish

4 "gift sets" of soap, a wash puff and lotion to give to God knows who.  Teachers I guess.  'Cause teachers never get dozens of soaps, lotions and wash puffs every single year. 

A Christmas Cranberry candle.

In my defense, I didn't buy a tree. 

I already have one.

Might put it up tonight. 

What a PITA.


  1. My daughter was pretty miffed that we're not planning to put up a tree this year (the house renovations would make that a real PITA-I like that phrase).
    She DID say that the local radio stations had her permission to play Christmasm music. It's after Thanksgiving, you know.

    1. we're going fake again this year. Too cheep to buy something that is such a PITA to throw away when we're done.

  2. Derrick and I aren't QUITE ready for Christmas, but I'm trying to get us to mentally take the yuletide plunge. We're traveling this year A LOT, so I know if I don't start packing in the holiday spirit now, December 25th is going to roll around and I'm going to be left saying "WHERE THE HECK DID THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR GO?"

    I think candles are a good idea. And I need wrapping paper. And I need to decide what the heck we're going to do about a tree (is a real one worth it if we're going to be traveling all month long? I'm not about to spring for a a half-size tree? a half-pint tree?).


  3. 1) I had to look up what a PITA was. I hope I found the right definition. And NO, not the bread.

    2) I'm that way this year, too... I have NO idea what's gotten into me. Maybe because this is the first year I'm not consumed by exams and papers and projects within days of Christmas...? Or maybe because life has been such a redonkulous roller coaster this past year I'm REALLY praying for a Christmas miracle?? I guess those things only happen when you're really in the spirit, hence I'm giving it a proper-go.

    Either way, rock on with your smelly-good holiday goodness. I support.

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