Thursday, December 27, 2012

Resolution Time!

It's time to make those resolutions again!

Here are some of mine (in no particular order):

1. Run a 5K every month.

Remember how I made that my goal for 2011?  Remember how I did it?  Remember how I lost a bunch of weight that year?

Remember how I DIDN'T have that as a goal in 2012?  Remember how I only ran like 4 times all year?  Remember how I didn't lose hardly any weight at all?

You probably don't remember that part on account of I HAVEN'T BLOGGED FOR SHIT IN MONTHS.

2. Blog every week.

I miss blogging.  A lot.

I fubar'd my  Big time.  (don't click the link.  It goes nowhere.)

So I am playing with other domains.  Thought I wanted a variation of giftoffat, but now I am thinking of trying something else.  I'll letcha know.


Grad School is part of the reason I have sucked at blogging.  I'll be done in December 2013.  Fingers crossed.

4. Go to Confession every 2 weeks.

While on my blog hiatus, I went on a spiritual retreat with a bunch of other women.  It was really great except we fucking cried the whole time.  Sometimes you just gotta cry, ya know?  The retreat was supposed to make me all holy & shit.  Well, it didn't.  But it did remind me of the value of Reconcilliation.  And frequent reconcilliation WILL make me all holy & shit.

(To all you anti-swearers out there, I maintain that there is a big difference between "Fuck That" and "Fuck You."  I never say the latter.  If I do, it will come to confession with me.)

5. Have a date with my husband every month.

This is an awsome goal.  And I probably should tell him about it.  Heh.

We'll keep ya posted!

Love, Mary A

This should have been our Christmas Card Photo.  But we didn't take it until after we already send cards.  Dammit!


  1. Need someone to pester the crap out of you, especially on #2. (I need to get back to blogging also.) Nice to have you back!

  2. I have missed you AND your blogs Mary. Hope you have a great year.

  3. I miss your posts too! I think a date night with your hubby is extra important. Have a fabulous New Year!

  4. What a beautiful family photo!!

    I've missed your posts, but I totally understand how life can get in the way of blogging. :)

    I'll try and remember to bug you every once in while about posting, just to keep you on track. ;-)

    1. I need to get better at READING my favorite blogs too!

  5. All really REALLY great resolutions.

    1- Love the 5K one, almost inspired to do that myself! (But I have half-marathon in Feb, so that'll cover Jan, too - right?).

    2- I also feel bad about the sporadic blogging - and I love and miss my blog so much - but sometimes I just can't force myself to do empty or boring "updates." That said, I have a backlog of photos just waiting to be seen by the world (and by "world" I mean the four people who check my blog on occasion), so maybe a quick photo post will speak for itself... or at least fill the void until my words can catch up!

    3- I'm so bad at confession. I don't know why. I actually literally feel lighter and more relieved afterwards. John is in the process of converting (we got us another one, Mary!), so I'm secretly hoping the process will give me an excuse to reconnect. But I don't do cry-fest retreats. I cry enough for stupid reasons as it is.

    4- BAAAAAH-rilliant. Seriously. John & I haven't really focused a lot on ourselves lately and I crave real quality time with him that's not clouded by life stressors. Great idea.

    ... and of course, that photo is darling. :)

    Is it obvious I'm avoiding real work yet?

    1. You're encouraging a fellow writer. Totally valid way to spend your time. I wanna see the pics!

  6. "It was great except we cried the whole fucking time"



    I don't know what happened to it. Maybe I'm just imagining things. But I don't *think* that I am.

    We should blog together. Like you get a person to run together? We should do that with blogging. And we can tape each other inspirational videos like YOU CALL THAT BLOGGING? I'LL SHOW YOU BLOGGING! HIT THAT CAPS LOCK KEY! HIT IT! BLOG YOUR HEART OUT! MORE CAT PICTURES! I said MORE CAT PICTURES!

  8. OHHHH my comment has to be visible after approval. Well now I just feel like a goddamn idiot.

    1. phhht. . virgin.

      LOL! I make myself giggle sometimes!

  9. Lurker here. I followed you over from The Bitchy Waiter. I've missed reading you, you're a good writer. Every so often I would click on your link from my bookmarks.

    I've been on the weight loss journey myself for over 3 years & I while I've lost 50 lbs and I've been running, that's nothing compared to what you've accomplished and are doing. Your example encourages me. Thank you.

    You need to update your profile pic. You looked good before & you look FABULOUS now.


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