Friday, May 21, 2010

Fitness & Fatness are NOT mutually exclusive

Gift of Fat. Yes. Gift. It is. Really. Really.

But that doesn't mean I love being fat. Because I don't.

It doesn't mean that health isn't important to me. Because it is.

I mean, I have 3 small kids (8,5 & 2). I'd like to watch them graduate college, get married (or take Holy Orders), and win the Nobel Prize. I'd like to do it without being in a wheelchair due to diabetes, or other yucky ailment.

I am not diabetic. (Thanks God!). But I am wwwaaayyyyyyyyy too close for comfort. I also live in the "Fattest City in the US", according to Men's Health Magazine. (We're Number 1!!)

In response, our city is putting on a really cool event. It's Called Fit & Free by the Sea. And I am taking my whole family. I am also participating in the Biggest Loser competition. And my fitness partner is none other than Dr. Mark Escamilla, President of Del Mar College. Dr. Mark is an innovative leader in our city. He was named Newsmaker of the Year by the Corpus Christi Caller Times. And he's my Boss's Boss. Gulp.

No worries. Even if I lose 50 lbs, I'll still be fat. Fitter, but Fat. And even if all my fat went away tomorrow (which would be fine with me!) I would still be an advocate for fat women, I would still blog about the Gift of Fat. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, OK?

One of the Gifts of Fat I've received is the look of surprise and admiration I receive from people when they see me doing things that fat people don't normally do. Next time I'll tell you about it.

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