Thursday, May 27, 2010

She kinda looks like you, but. . .

This morning I dropped my little ones off at daycare.

One of the other Moms was having one of those gut wrenching mornings when you have to drop your kid off even though he's screaming piteously and begging you not to go. (Been there!)

Some of us "seasoned" moms smiled sympathetically as our perfectly content littles trooped to their classrooms. (My 2 year old doesn't even kiss me goodbye. Now THAT hurts!) We swapped war stories.

Brooke talked about the time her little guy said "Miss Gracie, I wish you were my Mom."

Anita's daughter used to throw a fit every time it was time to go home.

As for me, my oldest (now 8) broke my heart when he called Miss Sally "Mama". What made it worse, I said, was that Miss Sally & I look exactly alike.

Overhearing, my 5 year old looked critically at me & said "She kinda looks like you, but. . . "

But what?! Was he going to say she is skinnier than me? (she's not). Fatter than me? (she's not). Prettier than me? (that's a matter of opinion)

. . ."She kinda looks like you, but her hair isn't orange."

My hair isn't ORANGE. It's MARIGOLD thankyouverymuch.

It's funny what kids say.

One of my very favorite stories was when my oldest (the one who called Miss Sally "Mama") was in kindergarten.

He drew a very detailed picture of our family. He, his dad & little brother all had brown eyes. Mine were drawn with blue ink. His little brother's diaper was drawn to some detail, and he perfectly captured the curls surrounding his brother's head. My hair was flipped nicely, and he drew me wearing blue pants. Each leg was drawn individually, and there was lots of space between them.

I said "Honey, I love this drawing. You made me look so pretty!"

"Yeah," he said, "I don't know how to draw fat yet."


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  1. Mary, you know I know Ms Sally and you know I know your boys, so don't delete.

    Ms. Sally was my oldest (Aidan, age 9) teacher twice. At age 3ish, she left me a note that Aidan said he would not go poop in his underware if they were "BluesClues". Not easy to find, but older cousin had some handmedowns. They worked just like that!

    Ms Sally was like the 3rd person I told I was having twins. I remember her standing there in shock and not sure what to say -- a bit like me at that point.


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