Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!

I was out of town.


And maybe shopping (a little).

There is an "Outlet Mall" halfway between Austin & San Antonio. We all know that there is rarely anything "outlet" about "outlet malls" but that doesn't keep me from stopping.

I WISH I had photos of the 100% silk dress I got at Jones of New York for $10! Or the LINED suit -- $45! And the white patent leather open toe pumps -- $19!

Did I say white? I meant cream. I mean bone.

OK. You caught me. I bought white pumps.

I SWORE up & down I would never buy white pumps. They're so. . .tacky.

My friend Christy & I used to amuse ourselves for hours by people guessing the profession based on the outfit.

Shapeless grey suit, no makeup & flats? Attorney. Maybe accountant.

Loose t-shirt, broomstick skirt and birkenstocks? Teacher.

Dockers & an oxford? Engineer.

And our favorite? Big hair, black hose, white pumps. RECEPTIONIST!

Now Christy is a stay at home mom. She still looks like a million bucks. And her clothes are very casual. . .but so pulled together.

And I bought a pair of white pumps.

But they're CUTE pumps.

And I PROMISE not to wear them with black hose.


  1. I've seen the shoes and they really didn't look that "white" too me!!! :)

  2. And I forgot to add.........the dress is FABULOUS!!!


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