Sunday, July 18, 2010

Me on TV

I like being on TV. I think it's fun -- usually.

In my last job, I was the "Hot Jobs" girl on KIIITV evey Tuesday. I came on the 5pm program, read out the week's hot jobs, and bantered with the anchors.

It was fun.

Oprah started on local news, so. . . .

I'm on TV again, but not quite so composed this time. Here is a story the local news did on our workout challenge:

(you may have to cut & paste into your browser. Sorry.)

I am the one in the bright blue shirt struggling up the stairs, making a lame attempt at bravado by raising my arms over my head. The problem was, I could only do it for like 3 nanoseconds, so you might miss it.

Vic's cute tho, right? Although he's getting less and less cute to me as he practices his "cruel-to0be-kind" torture on me.

Three more sets indeed.

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  1. I have this feeling that TV would not be kind to me.

    I can take a good photo, but only when I'm prepared, i.e. have spent a few minutes in a mirror reminding myself how to tilt my head to hide my excess chinage.

    TV, with it's motion and sound recording, seems like a great way for me to get caught doing something stupid. Excercising on TV sounds like a great way for me to get caught doing something stupid while red faced, sweating, and panting.

    Ok, sure, you MAY have been doing a tiny bit of panting, but you weren't red-faced or visibly sweating, so I think that's excellent!

    Meanwhile, Vic is adorable...


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