Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who I am following right now. . .

These are the blogs I read pretty much daily.

Thought you might like them too:

Jennsylvania -- Jen Lancaster is the original. She's a bestselling author (Such a Pretty Fat is my favorite). When you read her, you'll see a lot of similarities. I want to be her. (sort of.) (I suspect her mother gave her the same talk by mother gave me about not swearing so much, because she hasn't cursed in her blog for a while now.)

Annabel Manners -- love this girl. She's elegant, preppy and cute. And brief, which is what a blog should be.

The Beauty Boomer -- this is a blog about makeup & style. And she's also really funny. Who knew makeup could be so hilarious?

The Bitchy Waiter -- this guy is a RIOT.

Robert Reich -- I don't know why I read him because he is so depressing, and I rarely agree with him. But it's important to maintain perspective on the economy, so I read him.

Ali Edwards - if you like to scrapbook, Ali is a great designer. Her work is gorgeous. She's very feel-good tho -- never snarky, never bitchy, so. . .I just read her for the pictures.


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  1. Thanks Miss Mary! I can't wait to check out that Bitchy Waiter. What a great name for a blog! xoxo


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