Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If Jillian Can Do It. . .

When you think of Jillian Michaels, I'm betting the image that comes to mind is one of her dressed something like this:

Put a blouse on, wouldja?

You know that top is really just a sports bra, right?

When you hear the name Mia Hamm, doesn't this inspiring image come to mind?

Mia is SO MUCH COOLER than Jillian

While one of these women is an inspiring athlete and the other is a horsefaced bully, both are wearing sports bras.  Without a top.

I point this out to prove precedence.

It's not that I wear sports bras as a top.  Usually.

There is that one time -- days after my second child was born -- I spent10 minutes chatting with a visitor before noticing that I had forgotten to put a blouse on.   Fortunately, my visitor was the mother of 3 and she totally understood.

But as a rule, I wear a tee shirt over my sports bra. 

Honestly, I hope Jillian wears a tee when she works out.  Your abs might be great, Horseface, but that doesn't mean other people in the gym care to come in contact with your back sweat.

But sports bras are SPORTS bras.  Not sports BRAs. 

So when I finished my 10K on January 7th, and was soaking wet with sweat, and didn't want to walk ALL THE WAY to the ladies room to change into a dry shirt, I felt comfortable doing a quick switch in the lobby of the Ortiz Center.

No one else was there.

Except Mary.  And Megan.  And Mary.  And Dee.  And Amy.  But only girls.  Girls don't care.

Ok. .. one young man did happen to walk by, but I almost had the other shirt on and I am sure he didn't see me without a top.  He was looking very intently at the floor.  For some reason.

Today I had to rush to class after my workout.

It was all girls.  Mary.  And Laurie.  And Biby.  And Clarissa.

So I just changed my top real quick.

Oh yeah -- and Victor. 

But I made him turn around. 

It's not like I would change my top in front of any of the guys I usually work out with.  Except Victor -- he's totally safe.  And Omar.  Probably Lee.  Maybe Scott. 

But not Gabe, Robert, Kirby or Bill.  Especially not Bill. 

So yes, for a few seconds Vic saw my sports bra.  The thing is, it's a SPORTS bra.

And it's not like I was wearing it as a top.


  1. HAHAHA! You have a tag that reads "I love Megan?" LOVE IT!

  2. I'm so glad you posted a comment on my blog since that is how I found your blog. I love your writing and your sense of humor. Now I am the one who is going to be late for Zumba unless I stop reading and commenting. :o)

  3. I read all of these. Just letting you know. I enjoy. mg

  4. That's Brandi Chastain, not Mia Hamm.


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