Friday, January 27, 2012


Found this in my e-mail.  I sent it to a well meaning friend a few months ago:

I am learning, that as a writer, I have to use my own voice.

Sometimes I use blue language. I use it on facebook, on my blog and in real life.

Not everyone cares for it.

This blog is my story. My perspective. My opinions.

If my language offends you, then I encourage you to read other writers.  There are many out there.  Good writers who share your values, your point of view.

If you are going to continue reading, I ask that you respect my voice.

Obviously, my well meaning friend recommended that I stop swearing so much.

Obviously, I didn't.


  1. Gorram it girl , Say whatever you ruttin' want to say.

  2. To quote Dr. Suess, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."


    That was a hard lesson I had to learn. I'd start thinking of what every single personal friend I had would think of the post, and that's an easy way to drive yourself batshit insane. Now I ignore everyone's opinions but my own.

    Okay... SOMETIMES I check with Derrick to make sure what I'm about to post doesn't a.) embarrass him horribly or b.) jeopardize his career. What can I say? He makes me coffee, breakfast, and margaritas. I'm just not willing to jeopardize that arrangement.

    1. Girl -- ITA. Some relationships are sancrosanct. (I think that's a word) I also will not embarass my DH (too much) or talk about my sibs. We have to live with these people after all! My children, on the other hand. . .

  4. I've received some criticism about my blue language as well, to the point of being chided that I must not really be a good writer if I can't think of another way to express a certain sentiment without using curse words.

    No, that's just the way I speak, stupidass.


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