Monday, January 23, 2012

To the Casual Observer. . .

Because Vic and Gabe are SO AWESOME at what they do, V-Fit expanded to 2 locations. 

I love working out there, but it's SO far away, so I don't go very often.

It's actually not that far away.  Those of you who live in cities like Boston (hi Nicki!!!!), or LA (Hi Annabelle M!), or Chicago (Hi David!) would make fun of me if you saw how easy the commute actually is. 

The thing is, my whole life is within five miles from my house.  Church, work, school (mine & kids'), and of course V-Fit.  All a quick few minutes from the house.

The Island location, on the other hand, is 15 miles away from my house.  That's FAR.

But Gabe is there, so it's WORTH IT.

The Island is a full service gym, not just a studio like in town.  It's really nice -- all new equipment, lots of room, and a special room with this awesome flooring that makes doing suicides suck way less than they suck in town.

Because it's full service, lots of people go there who aren't there for personal training.  They go to do the bikes, or the treadmill, or whatever self-disciplined people do at gyms. 

I lack discipline, so I need Gabe to tell me what to do and when to do it.

The self-motivated people watch Gabe put me through my paces.  I watch them watch Gabe put me through my paces.  I watch their eyes get bigger and bigger as they see what he has me do.  I can see the wheels turning in their heads . . . wondering why Gabe is torturing the chubby pink lady.  The wonder if they should call an ambulance, or maybe the police.

They get scared, thinking that what will Gabe do if THEY sign up for personal training.  Will he make them do 25 pushups from their toes?  Will he make them run suicides after each set?   What about those burpees?

I want to reassure them, to tell them how far I've come.  I want to let them know that I enjoy working out with Gabe and that I love how I feel afterwards.

At the studio, everyone knows me.  They know my story and they know what I can do.

But to a casual observer . . .


  1. I just want you to know that, in my mind at least, you now weight about 125 pounds. You must be that skinny if you can do all that stuff that Gabe makes you do AND run too. My hat is off to you. You go girl!

  2. Hey humble blogger.... you are amazing! BTW- I'm not really anonymous, but I can't figure out how to tell you who I am. So, here it goes- it's me- Amy T-. You can call me "the girl who doesn't know how to properly post a comment" and i will answer you.

  3. I GOT ANOTHER SHOUTOUT!!! Ohmygoodness.

    And don't apologize for commuting. Back home in PA, I had to drive 30 mins to get ANYWHERE out of farm country. Here? Hell, everything's three minutes away. I'm downright SPOILED.


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