Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Caved

I did a field trip.

Because we were climbing the fucking walls.

So we went to The Birthplace of Texas - Goliad, Texas.  Google it.  You really should make a trip out there.  It is very cool!  Alamo Schmalamo.  Goliad is Texas history at it's best.

As always, if there is a cannon, it WILL be climbed on

Texas Wildflowers are AMAZING!


  1. Oh my Lord! If I could reach right through this screen and nibble those three adorable faces, I SO would!!

  2. Those wildflowers are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  3. Without Googling...didn't the Mexicans massacre Texans at Goliad ("Remember the Goliad!")?
    I think I will Google Goliad now. It really sounds interesting.
    And who doesn't love climbing on cannons?

  4. I'm back. I was half right. The 1836 battle was a massacre of Texans. The 1835 battle was a Texan victory. But, you knew that.
    But, it WAS interesting.
    And I'd still climb on those cannons.

  5. As a Texas history buff, I love to visit Goliad. The story of the Goliad massacre is very moving. Historically it was probably more motivating toward Texas independence than the Alamo. You should go and take your kids when they're doing the re-enactment complete with uniformed soldiers and guns. It's very cool.

  6. I LOVE the wildflowers! So beautiful.
    I would have climbed on the cannon too though.


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