Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Why is it that you take a week off and everything goes right to hell?

I don't mean a week off from work.  I worked all week.  Mostly in San Antonio, sure, but I still managed to get most of my e-mails.

I didn't take a week off from school.  I wish.

I didn't take a week off from my kids.  I wouldn't want that. 

I had to take a week off from working out.

I HAD to.

I was in San Antonio Wednesday thru Friday, For WORK.

I know I should have Skyped.  Shaddap.

Then Saturday was Luke's birthday. 

Sunday I had to do something really important.  I forget what it was but I know it was important.

Monday Joe had an eye appointment, I had to meet with my professor, and I had LOADS of laundry to do.

Tuesday I had to give a presentation about Burroughs Wellcome's pricing of Retrovir in the 1990s. 

That pretty much sucked the life right out of me.

So today -- Wednesday -- I went back to the gym.

I actually tried to get out of it.  Clarissa is out of town, so I wasn't sure if Vic could take me. 

He's a busy man.

So I texted him:  "Can I come in today or would you rather me come tomorrow?"

He texted back:  "Get your ass in here."

Guess he's not too busy for me, bless him.

In typical Vic fashion, he made me do owie this and hurty that until I was sweaty and red and panting. 

I had to do explosive push ups.  Lots of them. 

Explosive push ups are when you push your whole body off the floor from a push up position.  Then you have to catch your body when you land.  My whole body weighs in the neighborhood of 244 -248 lbs.  (Shaddap).  That's a lot of exploding.

I had to do jumping jacks.

Only my knees are old lady knees, so I have to do low impact jumping jacks. 

Low impact does not mean low intensity.


Anyway. . .here's the problem:  The jumping jacks are in front of a mirror.  Sometimes the mirror is my friend.  It shows me how strong I've become. 

Know what the mirror shows when you take a week off?


Jiggly arms. Jiggly belly. Jiggly thighs. The fat pockets under my knees were jiggling.


Haven't I been mostly faithfully working out 4-6 times a week for a YEAR?

One piddly week off and my friggin knees jiggle?


Vic just texted me again:  "I expect you at 5:30 tomorrow.  No excuses".



  1. Dang Mary! You are seriously an inspiration! I am trying to get back into a good workout routine, but I let 'other' things hold me back from that. Like the laundry, the dishes, cleaning the house, etc. I only have like a couple of hours when he naps to do all these things. I just need to SUCK IT UP and do it! The dishes, laundry, and cleaning can wait...or so my husband tells me! :)

  2. Mary!! Aw man :( I totally know that horrible feeling. I ran a half marathon last month and did great. Got out of training to recover... Then life intervened, delaying my return even more. I got back this week and did HORRIBLE. I barfed for crying out loud. But ya know what? Even my shittiest runs are better than not doing it at all. I know you've come this far. Don't let your knees be the things that stop you, dang it!

    1. OK so it's not just me! Yeay! And yeay for your half marathon!

  3. Okay the tag "Vic is a bastard" made me giggle muchly. ^_^

    That aside you have my sympathy and hugs about missing gym time and then paying the price.

    (New tag for me: "fuck you eliptical")

  4. I thought explosive pushups happen when you eat Mexican food before you work out.
    Then, you probably won't be allowed in the gym anymore.

    1. No, they still let me in. They just make fun of me. Usually those explosions happen after the pop-up sit ups.

    2. That actually would be kind of funny. Unless it was me who caused them.

  5. I need to rejoin a gym. That though alone makes me want to run away screaming about things about abuse and emotional distress. The gym is my friend. The gym IS my friend. Oh fuck it. The gym is my frenemy.

    1. Totally. Being healthy sucks real bad. I liked life so much better when I ate and drank whatever I wanted. Except for the size 24-26 clothes. And the high blood pressure. But everything else? Much better.

  6. I was so bad this weekend. I was doing so good. Losing weight, eating kale and quinoa, recording every damn bite that goes into my mouth....and then this weekend was just one big wine-and-junk-food binge. I will not give up! I got right back up on the workout horse! I will go back to kale TODAY!

  7. That seems pretty intense! I'm sure a lot of the jiggling was just in your head...


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