Sunday, January 6, 2013

ITA -- Acronyms Rock

Who here talks in acronyms??  Me!  Me!

Sometimes it's cryptic, sometimes it's just easier, KWIM?

Let's play a comments game.  I will pick a comment that has all the right answers and send them a gift card to someplace yummy.  Or maybe you'll get the Chili's gift card I got from Christmas.  If I haven't used it by next week, that's probably what I'm sending. 

I am going to list acronyms I use frequently on facebook, blogs, texts & e-mails.

You translate them, then add your own favorite acronym (with translation).

If you want to play, leave your answer on the blog.  Comments on Facebook or my personal e-mail don't count.

Here are my 10 most frequently used acronyms:

1. LOL
2. OMG
6. ITA
8. WTF
9. BFD

I'll pick a winner next week.

Have fun!


  1. 1. Laugh out loud
    2. Oh my God
    3. Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
    4. ?
    5. Oh my f***ing God
    6. ? darn!
    7. shut the f*** up (what I would like to say to my students sometimes, but I think it would be frowned upon.)
    8. What the f***
    9. Big F***ing deal
    10. dunno
    Oh well, I tried.
    Okay, mine is.... you know what? I don't have one. Still love reading your blog.

    1. Oh actually TMI is my favorite acronym. Too much information.

    2. ooooh good one! Almost forgot about that one!

  2. Ok, I'll give it a try...

    1. LOL Laughing out loud
    2. OMG Oh my God
    3. ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off
    4. BAER ??
    5. OMFG Oh my fucking God
    6. ITA ??
    7. STFU Shut the fuck up
    8. WTF What the fuck
    9. BFD ??
    10. LYLAS ??

    Wow, I suck at this!

    ILY I love you (does that even count? I text it to my men)

  3. 1 Laugh out LoudLOL
    2 Oh My Gosh
    3 Rolling on floor laughing my ass off
    4 Big Ass Eye Roll!!!! (my personal favorite)
    5 Oh my "freaking goodness" (that's the polite version)
    6 I totally agree
    7 Shut the f*ck up
    8 What the f*ck
    9 Big freaking deal (again the clean version)
    10 Love you like a sister (and you know I do!!!) :)

    I love acronymns and use them mostly in emails and texts. Even my lovely DH uses BAER now thanks to us. LOL!!!

  4. I think Kathryn got them all -- yay!

    I don't use acronyms because I am too lazy to figure out the initials and say them in the right order. or maybe "lazy" is my code word for "not smart enough." I use jk all time time...but not online. I actually say it. Out loud. I know. It's a terrible habit. Picked it up from a friend in college and regret it every day. I also say "brb" but in the totally ironic, humorous sense. Or at least that's what I tell myself.


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