Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

I wrote about some of my favorite acronyms to see who else likes to talk in code.

The winner is . . .KATHRYN!


Here are the answers:

1. LOL = Laugh out Loud
2 OMG = Oh My Gosh (or Gaw, as I like to say)
3 ROFLMAO= Rolling on floor laughing my ass off
4 BAER = Big Ass Eye Roll!!!! (my personal favorite)
5 OMFG = Oh my "freaking goodness" (that's the polite version)
6 ITA= I totally agree
7 STFU= Shut the fuck up (there's just no polite with that one. If you need to STFU, then STFU.)
8 WTF= What the fuck
9 BFD = Big freaking deal (again the clean version) (pairs nicely with BAER)
10 LYLAS= Love you like a sister (and you know I do!!!)

Congratulations and enjoy your gift card!

Thanks for playing everyone!


  1. So, THAT is what all that stuff means! Glad to finally have it written down somewhere so I can understand when someone texts me........


  2. IMHO, you forgot to add STFU. That's one of my personal faves. TTFN!

    1. ITA -- my BFF uses it all the time!


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