Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Annoying Threads

This post is not about clothes. 

I get annoyed at those threads that hang off your hem and tickle the back of your leg but you can never find them when you look. . . . but that's not exactly blog worthy.

E-mail threads aren't blog worthy either, but that's what I am writing about.

I was out of the office last week.

I returned to 276 e-mails.

At first I thought that the high volume of e-mails was due to my critically important job and the fact that I need to be "in the know" on several salient issues.

Then I figured out the high volume of calls was due to a disprortionate amount of dumb-asses who hit "REPLY ALL". 

Sometimes REPLY ALL is a valuable tool.  REPLY ALL is helpful when you need everyone on the thread to know something.

For example:

Original E-Mail (sent to 30 e-mail addresses):  "Can anyone cite the regulation mandating student fees?  I can't find it"

REPLY ALL:  "It's in the GIPWE, Chapter 3.  It also lists exceptions"  This is a very good use of REPLY ALL.

Most of my e-mails looked like this:

REPLY ALL: "Thanks"  (Poor use of REPLY ALL)

REPLY ALL: "I don't know where it is. Hope someone else does". (Very poor use of REPLY ALL.)

REPLY ALL:  "Hey Sender!  Did you know that someone parked in your space this morning?" (WTF use of REPLY ALL)

REPLY ALL: "I know -- I totally had to park in the handicapped space this morning! LOL!"  (WTF use of REPLY ALL plus one LOL infraction, plus Sender is an asshole for parking in a handicapped space.)

After getting through at least 80 REPLY ALLs, plus the weekday lunch menus, stupid chain jokes and the notice about the Kindergarten's Easter Party, I had about 30 real e-mails.

I am just not that important.


  1. In college, several of my extracurricular activities maintained mailing lists. At the bottom of EVERY EMAIL, there were instructions on how to remove yourself from the mailing list. Yet after every email, a person would reply all to the ENTIRE MAILING LIST asking for someone to remove them from the mailing list.

  2. Amen, sister, on the unmitigated hate for about 99% of replies all.

  3. HA HAAAAAA...I hate people that use Reply All incorrectly! So annoying!

  4. Stupid people - they are how you know for certain that God has a British sense of humor.

  5. It's even better when someone insults either the original sender or possibly the subject of the e-mail, and instead of sending it merely to the one or two people he intended to be in on the joke, hits REPLY ALL instead.

    Much Hilarity Ensues.

    wv: - Darre- Like a Double Dare from when you were little.

  6. Couldn't agree more . . . and most people who do this are repeat offenders.

    However . . . we switched to Gmail (for business, whatever that's called) at my job and it minimizes this problem because of the way it batches conversations. Long live Gmail!


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