Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unbelievable. That's all I got.

You know how a couple of years ago, people used to say "Oh no you DIH-INT" and snake their head from side to side?  You know how they acted all "New Jersey Ghetto" even though most of the people who said it were middle-aged white women from the suburbs?

I always hated that expression.  I never (rarely) used it.

I used it today.

I had to.

Read this.

I'll wait. 

Now.  Tell me I am not justified in using that tired, culturally inappropriate cliche.

Oh.  No.  They. DIH-INT!


  1. The nanny state. Coming to you. Soon.

    wv: missa- New Jersey ghettoish for Missle.

  2. Oh, yes they did! It's obviously been a BIG topic of conversation around here for the past few days. It's not really an issue at my school, as 100% of our kids get free lunch. However, I can totally see how this would be a huge issue for parents at other CPS schools.

    However, just to play devil's advocate, the ONLY things our kids bring from home to eat at lunch are candy, chips and "juice" (colored, sugar-filled liquid). Luckily, our principal has banned "junk" from the lunchroom, so on the rare occasion that my kids bring it, they don't take it with them to lunch. I tell them they can eat it after school, and that they have to eat their "real" food at lunch.

    I'm so mean, I always institute a "no dessert first" rule. They must eat their entree first BEFORE they can eat the "treat" portion of their lunch. (I'm only talking about when they get cake/cookies, NOT their fruit) I'm such a meanie that if I see them take even a bite of their dessert first, I make them through it out. Yes, I really AM that mean. But, the sad truth is, for most of our students, the only nutritious food they get is what they get at school for breakfast and lunch. Most of them eat chips and drink pop as their dinner. Very sad, don't you think? I want to make sure they get as much "good" food in their bodies as possible.

  3. Chi girl, it IS sad.

    And people in poverty frequently lack decent refrigeration, which makes them buy non-perishable food (like orange pop instead of milk)

    I have no problem telling parents each lunch must contain a fruit, a vegetable, a dairy & a protien. That's what my kiddo's daycare did. So now I have been trained to send that with the kids.

    But for people who pay their own way -- it is not up to the state what we feed our kids.

    In fact, my daycare recently banned at home food too. We are looking for another daycare.

  4. I LOVE packing lunches. I do it for me. I do it for my mom when I'm home (or else she won't eat. High-stress job. I make her lunch because I know she'll eat it out of guilt, and at least then she'll be EATING). I do it for my boyfriend. I do it for friends when they're sick or their kids are in the hospital. For me, it's an act of love. I leave notes. I pack precisely. I overpack, sometimes, but I pack it all. And I make sure it's healthy. AND IF SOME SCHOOL TRIED TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME FROM MY FUTURE KIDS.......

    I believe in cooking with love. I send off leftovers. I use local ingredients (when available...in winter we all get tired of carrots and potatoes every now and again). For me, packing my kids' lunches would be a way to send part of home with them. Is that cheesy? Absolutely. But I guarantee what I'm packing would be a heck of a lot healthier than what they'd be serving in mass kitchens. Tastier, too. And since I use a lot of leftovers, cheaper.

    I absolutely understand your (old?) daycare's regulations. That's amazing. I used to work at a daycare, and I saw what some kids went without--including nurturing, not necessarily nourishment. So it's tough. So make regulations. So ban soda and sugary snacks or one-item lunches. Sure. But banning from-home lunches? That's RIDICULOUS.

    (Thanks for letting me rant.)

  5. Mary, I love you!!!! Sorry, but I still say oh no you din't. -not all the time but every once in a while. By the way, did you get your invitation to my 40th birthday party? Yes, that's me and my twin. I thought about that later -maybe you wouldn't know that was me. Well, you guys better come!!! Love ya,
    Rachel Strain Militello

  6. @Nikki -- EXACTLY! I remember a mom once told me how she was proud of me because I packed such a good lunch for my son. I was trained that way by the daycare!

    @Rachel -- already RSVP'd you silly goose!

  7. Hi Mary. I agree with you. You pay for your child's education and child care, you should be able to decide what they eat. The school is asuming that everyone who brings their lunch is poverty stricken or does not know how to pack a good lunch. I think the school should not allow junk food in the lunches (also kids tend to "share" food) but being able to feed your own kid and put a special note or a treat for their birthday or something, should be allowed, especially for private schools. You are a great mom and a great person. You also inspire me to get moving. I was laid off March 22, and I moped around for a few days then started reading facebook and your blog and others, then I got motivated and started working again - on my house and on my body. I have a dance Wii thing I do everyday, plus I walk and/or ride my stationary bike. I also got my 25 year old Raleigh bike out and plan on going on a real bike ride tomorrow. So thank you dear friend.


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