Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jealous of Irene

Hurricane Irene is threatening the East Coast.

It is frightening and potentially damaging.

I pray that there are no lives lost and that the property damage is minimal.

I also pray that Irene decides that the east coast isn't what it's cracked up to be and decides to come to Texas.

How effed up is that?

We are SO DRY here that I am praying for a hurricane.

I HATE hurricanes.

At least I did.

Now I hate droughts. 


  1. My parents live in Victoria and feel the same way.

  2. No drought here, but I'm still jealous. I want to be able to stay in my house and say, "I can't come out...the storm...." But wait! I work in friggin' healthcare. No breaks for me. Not for hurricaines or tornados. Not even for 20 ft. of snow. If I say I can't get there, the hospital will send someone to my house to get my ass. For real.

    Hope your dry spell ends soon.

  3. We've had buckets of rain in Pennsylvania the past month. Now, it looks like we're going to get much, much more.
    Hurricanes blow.

  4. I popped over from Bitchy's your's too. I know what you mean honey..SU and I are in Houston .


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