Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Past

I dropped Buzz Lightyear off to school this morning.

He was enthusiastically greeted by Spiderman, Batman, about 6 princesses and a zombie. 

Really?  A Zombie?  He's 3 years old for chrissake. 

The sad thing is, I KNOW the Zombie idea was not Caden's.  It was Caden's Daddy.  Or Caden's Mommy's Boyfriend.  Whatever. 

The thing is, I was feeling sorta sorry for myself as I loaded Buzz into the car this morning.

Not sorry -- that's not the right word.  Wistful maybe? 

What do you call it when you see your kids growing and making decisions on their own and not asking or wanting your opinion?  That's the feeling I had this morning.

He's only 3.  Shouldn't I still have SOME influence on his choice of costume?

OK -- we would definitely NOT do Zombies.  Or Vampires.  We still have Veto power.

But the truth is, the choice is his. 

He gets to decide what to be.

That's kinda hard on me.

Because I miss the puppy years.

This is #2 son, not Buzz Lightyear.  But all 3 have been this puppy. 


  1. It's called....your son being ready to launch into infinity.
    And beyond!

  2. Wait until they become surly teenagers....

  3. I remember the year my son went from being a squid to being a ninja. I wasn't interested in snapshots of the darkside. Now I miss the ninja years!

  4. What a cute puppy dog! Yeah, 3 year old zombies is kinda weird. I like the little kids to look like little kids!

  5. This is all I have to say about that:

    Just tell your boys that girls LOVE the puppy dog.

  6. I said this just the other day! I remember when I used to pick Evan's costume, and even make them. We always won awards for them, too. And then e got old enoug to choose. But Mom still has the last word. PS--the cutest puppy EVER! That little face! I want to squeeze him!

    I love that you let Buzz pick out his own intergalactic space costume. My mom always let me pick out my own costumes. Which meant that one year I was...a horse. It was terrible and the kids made fun of me, but it was what I wanted. That sounds like a terrible moral. Anyway...Happy belated Halloween, and I'm going to stop babbling now.


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