Monday, October 24, 2011

This Halloween

I hope I see a lot of Harry Potters this Halloween.  And Cinderellas.  And Storm Troopers. 

I hope to find a Barack Obama and maybe even a Nancy Pelosi.  (Scary!)

I hope to see bumblebees and fairy princesses.  I hope to see dinosaurs and pumpkins. 

Buzz.  Woody.  Jesse. 

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Snow White.  Maybe a witch.  A ghost or two would be good.

I can even stand Bella, Edward & Jacob, although I am not generally a fan.

Skeletons, vampires and even a devil.

That would be a great Halloween.

So far, however, I've seen some costumes I never want to see again.

Like 8 year olds dressed as bloody zombies and Freddy Kruger.

Or 13 year olds dressed as Stripper versions of Bo-Peep.

A tween dressed as a "hippie" wearing a micro-mini skirt, thigh high stockings and high heeled go go boots.  Hippies didn't dress like that.  I looked it up.

I am sick of Sexy Nurse costumes, sexy maid costumes, sexy anything.  Tired of bloody, violent, angry monsters and other nightmares. 

To me, those are costumes for grownups.

Not for kids who are barely in high school. 

Or younger.

Happy Halloween 


  1. I look back with nostalgia over years past when I dressed as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and (no kidding) the Green Hornet.
    Sometimes even on Halloween.

  2. "A tween dressed as a "hippie" wearing a micro-mini skirt, thigh high stockings and high heeled go go boots. Hippies didn't dress like that. I looked it up."


    I'm so with you on this one! BUMBLEBEES AREN'T SEXY. BIG BIRD ISN'T SEXY. If you're trying to be sexy, YOU'RE FAILING AT HALLOWEEN.

    Now go put on that boxy, age-appropriate witch costume. Otherwise, you're not getting candy. Punks.

    P.S. Also, my Captcha for this comment was "Objectox." Like...objectify botox. How oddly appropriate.

  3. OOh I am definitely over seeing tweens dressed in the same slutty costumes as my 20-something friends. It is sickening.

  4. Amen!
    This year, we have a tree frog and a retro police office complete w/ cheesy moustache and mirrored aviators. Kids are kids. My children have no desire to be such things because, well, they're too innocent to even know what those things even are. And the Whore-iffic (get it--horrific! Ha! I crack myself up!) little girls' costumes...Gah! Though we shouldn't even be surprised anymore. I mean, they actually sell thongs to girls Evan's age.


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