Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Put the FUN back in Fundraising!

Who wants Popcorn?  Wrapping Paper?  Scentsy candles?  Bar-B-Q?  Car Wash? 

How about children's books?  School photos?  Pie?  Cookie Dough?

Christmas Ornaments?  Waffles?  Jewelry?

Cookbooks? Candy? Coupon Books?

Raffle tickets?  Magazines?  Donuts?  Tupperware?

Fundraising season is upon us.

I am not opposed to fundraising.  I sit on several boards and I see budgets.  I know that the funds being raised are needed.  It's frustrating, because costs are so high.  We pay a lot of money for our older kids to go to Catholic School.  We pay a lot of money for #3 son to attend a decent daycare.  We also want to participate in Scouts, Karate, Soccer and other fun activities. 

The fact is, if these organizations charged what it cost to run the operation, most people couldn't afford it. 

We already had to cut music lessons and school lunches for our kids.  We just can't afford it any more.

I was going to make this a witty post about selling schmaltzy stuff.

But then I realized how much the organizations that I count on need the money.

Now I'm depressed.

Wonder if it's too late to buy more popcorn.


  1. We buy homemade pizza dough (to be made in our home) every year. It's fantastic!
    We also buy a Christmas wreath to help out a Boy Scout troop at Christmas (or Easter when they go on sale).
    And Girl Scout cookies.....hmmmmm.....Al's gotta get some Girl Scout cookies.
    You're selling? I'm buying.

  2. I feel horrible now. Because Evan's very small school sent home a fundraising kit for bad quality wrapping paper and candles. When another local school is selling Yankee Candles. And I said no. I just peddled those damned cases of that World's Finest chocollate crap. In September. I'm not doing another one.

    I am a horrible, horrible person. The HSO Nazis are gonna hate me. Seriously.


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