Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Like a Virgin

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I work out at V-Fit Studio.  You know that Gabe "The Silent Assassin" is my primary trainer and the studio is owned by Victor.

Handsome Victor.  Dreamy Victor. Victor the Giver

Vic the Basterd. 

Last week, Gabe wasn't feeling well, so I did my workout with Vic.  Vic, true to form, came up with a deceptively simple workout, then made me do 10 sets.  With suicides in between.  TEN sets.

Gabe only makes me do 5.

What the hell, it was only for a day.  Besides, Victor is funny, and he flirts, and he laughs at all my jokes.  It didn't hurt that bad. 

Then on Tuesday, Gabe is still not in, so Victor helps me again.  He gives me 10 lb weights and tells me what to do. 

I say "Actually, Gabe has me use 12 lbs on this one".

Victor smiles and says "trust me".

Uh oh.

Victor has an interesting new regimen. 

Low weight, high reps, no rest, many many many sets.

Many many MANY sets.

And no rest in between.


My arms are sore.  Not the pang of muscles pushed hard for a long time.  Not the sore that I get after Gabe puts me through my paces. 

My arms are sore as in I-have-never-worked-out-my-whole-life-and-I-think-I-overdid-it-my-first-time sore.  My muscles burned so much you could have lit a cigar with my shoulder. 

Haven't I been working out for OVER A YEAR?

Haven't I been doing things I could NEVER do before?  Like push ups from my toes, dips, walkouts and don't forget the Around-the-Fucking-Worlds.  Haven't I participated in TWELVE 5Ks?  Didn't I just WIN the CHALLENGE??????????????

Apparently, all that is behind me.

It would be OK if it was just for a day or two, while Gabe is out.

Apparently, Gabe is going to open the new facility on the Island.

Gabe got promoted.


I mean, good for Gabe!  He deserves it!

So I get Victor.  Dreamy, Handsome, Sadistic Victor.

And I'm starting all over again.

Vic. And Gabe.  I know they are good looking, but DAMMIT!


  1. Gabe is going to the island? Yay for me! Sorry Mary :). Great blog!

  2. Don't feel too bad. I had a golf lesson last night and my pectoral muscles are sore as hell.
    Three thoughts:
    1. I didn't know I even HAD pectorals.
    2. It was a GOLF lesson.
    3. It was a golf LESSON.
    No wonder I get winded from farting.

  3. NOOOOOOo Gabe! At least he's moving on to a better place. The new facility, I mean. Not heaven.

    At least Vic will give you tons of blogging material, right?

  4. A day later, my chest muscles STILL hurt.
    I must get hither to a gym.
    And if hither doesn't want to come, I'll go by myself.

  5. All I can think is that there is no way I could work out in front of these guys. It's like going to a hot gyno for your yearly pap smear. Just couldn't bring myself to do it. But it is nice to see faces to go with names.


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