Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just Because I Know You Want to See Him Again

Photo Used Without Permission.  Totally Stolen. 

Here is another pic of Vic.  And my other handsome trainer, Gabe.

Gabe is also handsome, right?  But more in a happily-married-to-a-gorgeous-woman-father-of-two kinda way.

I really love both of these guys.

And based on the last post's comments?  You also love to look at Vic.

Your Welcome!


  1. Replies
    1. LOL David! I'll post pics of my hot girlfriends one of these days. But for now, it's all Victor!

  2. Oh yes, I definitely enjoy looking at Vic. I skipped a whole bunch f blogs on my feed when I saw the title. Vic may be your key to blogger superstardom!

  3. In a year, you're totally going to host some blogging symposium or conference or something, and the crowd will ask, "but Mary! What's the secret to your success? How did you get all those pageviews, the links, the COMMENTS?"

    And you'll smile sweetly and say, "Three words, ladies: Vic. And. Gabe."

    1. LOL! And YOU'LL say "Margaritas! Oh, and my hot boyfriend. But mostly MARGARITAS"

  4. I'll have to take your word for it.
    I don't know if another dude is handsome or not.
    If I did, that'd be kinda icky.
    And, if I did, you wouldn't know that I did.
    P.S. Hot girlfriends. Yes, please.

  5. I would be willing to train under either of those dudes anytime!

    I came over from Al Penwasser's to let you know you weren't alone loving the 3 Stooges Movie! Hubby and I took the grandkids and we laughed harder than they did! I thought it was great fun!

    1. Glad to have you here! If you get a chance to rent it, there is an absolutely tasteless but incredibly funny bit in the outtakes. We laughed until we cried. Our kids didn't get it, but I still giggle when I think of it.

    2. You two with the Three Stooges! I'm really gonna have to watch it now and give a review. I think I can do it, though. After all, I watched Bersercules' review of the positively horrid 'Johnny Jupiter.' Guess I can deal with Moe and company.
      Maybe on Redbox so I can watch the outtake...?
      Anyway, glad you both met.

    3. By the way, Eva, I knew you like T3S from the April challenge. Mary, I did not know. Hey, isn't this great? The "Penwasser Place-Wrestling With Retirement-The Gift of Fat" combo is like some crossover TV series where CSI teams up with CSI:Miami.
      Only without autopsies.

    4. Very Cool! Heading to Wrestling with retiremement right now!

    5. As well you should. Eva's a hoot.

  6. Susan Courtney NicholsJuly 28, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    I would totally start working out if it meant I got to look at these two hotties in person !!


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