Saturday, July 7, 2012

True Guts. . .

This morning I went to Bootcamp.

I KNEW it was gonna be unbearably hot.  I knew there wasn't a breath of wind out.  I knew that I would be miserable within 5 minutes.

So I did something I considered to be very brave:

I wore a sleeveless top.


I wear this top all the time.  Just never in public.  It's really perfect for working out -- the arms are completely free, and the neckline swoops low enough that it doesn't choke you as you are running.

It's just that, I am still not comfortable enough with my upper arms to bare them in public. 

They aren't bad, really.  If I flex, the upper third looks really cut. 

The lower two-thirds are still . . . .um. . . snuggly. 

But I figured that it was so hot out, and I would be with friends anyway, who cares if my snuggly arms jiggle jaggle all over the place.

So I did it.

And BOY am I glad I did. 

HOT.  Hothothothothothothot.  HOT.  And Sweaty?  Let me tell you, after running our laps, doing our burpees, squatting our squats, running more laps. . .I was dripping like . . .something that drips a lot.  (can't think of anything witty here.  Sorry)

ALL of the other girls there were also sleeveless.  Lori was there, Amy, Michelle, Letty, Chris, and some new friends who I forget their names.  (Sorry).  No boys were brave enough to face Gabe on a hot Saturday morning.  I will excuse Omar because I know he's in San Antonio running a 10K, but all you other guys?  You are a bunch of that bad word that used to mean kitten. 

Us girls were awesome.  Sweaty.  But AWESOME.  Michelle was out until 2 AM last night, and she still made it.  (She may or may not have still been drunk)..  Two of the girls were awesomer than awesome. 

The first girl who just HUMBLED the rest of us was Lori.  Lori ran her laps & when it was time to do the knees-to-your-chest 30 times thing, she stepped on the step funny & broke her foot.  She said OW, took her shoe off, put some ice on it, then WORKED OUT FOR THE REST OF THE HOUR.
She went to get it X-Rayed afterwards, and yep.  Broken. 

The second awesome of the awesome was Letty. 

Here's the thing about Letty.  Letty inspires just because of the way she busts her ass.  She's lost about 30 lbs (or more) this year, and she is WELL on her way to losing more.  I need to wake up my inner Letty and get back on the stick. 

Letty had no problem with showing up in a sleeveless top, even though her arms aren't that much smaller than mine.  So there's that.  But the thing that makes Letty my absolute hero is that Letty got really hot, so she TOOK HER TOP OFF!

A few months ago, I wrote about my "courage" in taking my top off for about 30 seconds.

Letty worked out in a sports bra for the whole hour.

And she ROCKED it.

I love you Letty.  You have guts!


  1. Were you dripping like a popsicle in a little kid's hand, outside on a sunny, summer day?

    Sorry, I tried.

    You ROCK it, Girl!! I'm completely impressed. Especially since I sat on my ass in bed reading most of the day, right up until I went to hang out with my Monkey for a few hours. Now, I'm back home, back in my jammies, and getting ready to climb back on the bed with a pile of magazines. Hey, what can I say, it's summer vacation!

    1. OOOOH LOVE that analogy. Because I totally was!

  2. I don't have the courage to take my top off, so good for Letty! Be brave for the rest of us chickens!

  3. I don't have that courage either. Maybe one of these days... I need to find some inner Letty myself!


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