Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Hanukkah Giveaway!!!!!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

I know.  I'm a Catholic.  I don't celebrate Hanukkah. 

I don't have a menorah, but I do celebrate Hanukkah.  It's the Festival of Lights!  The story of Hanukkah is one of faith and perseverance and providence.  Why wouldn't I celebrate it? 

This is the time of year when the office e-mail is clogged with Group e-mails complaining about taking the word "Christmas" out of Christmas.  I admit it.  I never say Happy Holidays.  I say Merry Christmas.   Because Christmas is an important event.  And it is joyful! 

That's why I say Happy Hanukkah.  Happy Diwali.  And whatever you say on Ramadan. 

I have a beautiful, wonderful, generous girlfriend who is Jewish.  She is like a grandma to my boys.  They call her "Bubbe Tex".  Because every Catholic kid should have a Bubbe Tex.    Bubbe Tex wishes us Merry Christmas.  In fact, every day is Christmas when Bubbe Tex is around.  She spoils those kids!

So to my dear friend, Bubbe Tex -- Happy Hanukkah!  We love you!

And to  make Hanukkah extra joyful, I am giving away another Starbucks Gift Card.  It will get to you in time for your office Christmas party, so you can use it as your gift if you want.  Or you can get a Peppermint Mocha.  Because THAT is what Hanukkah is all about.  Chocolate yumminess. 

All you have to do is post a comment telling me what your favorite holiday memory is.

It can be a Christmas memory.  An Independence Day memory.  A Ramadan Memory.  Boxing Day.  I don't care which holiday you pick.

I  have 2 favorite Holiday memories:

1. St. Patrick's Day 1990.  Met an incredibly cute boy.  He bought me a beer.  So I married him.
2. New Years Eve 2007.  Number 3 son born.  Tax Deductible for 2007.  Also qualified for the stimulus rebate.  I told you he was a miracle!

Only posts on the blog will count.  Facebook, e-mails, and popping by my office to tell me, don't count. 

Everyone is eligible except my husband and kids.  But they don't read me anyway.

I will use a random number generator to pick the winner, and will post it on December 9th -- the last day of Hanukkah.

Happy Hanukkah and I can't wait to see your replies!


  1. Hmmmmm. New Years Eve 2007. Number 3 child born. Tax Deductible for 2007. Also qualified for the stimulus rebate. Pretty good one, especially with the fabulous roommate next door! And I WILL NEVER FORGET having to find a ride home from the hospital! Gotta love that hubbie :)

  2. I would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite, but one that sticks out is the Fourth of July, 1998. It was the summer before my senior year of high school, and my orchestra was on the German leg of a 2-week tour of Europe. I remember we all felt a little disoriented, because it's not like you walk around saying "Happy 4th of July!" in Munich. I mean, you could, but why would you! Anyway, the hotel we were staying in had given us one of their ballrooms for rehearsal space, and at rehearsal that night, we really let it rip with the National Anthem and several really noisy Sousa marches. Someone produced hundreds of those little American flags from somewhere, and even though our chances of finding a fireworks display that night were pretty slim, we had our own private party.

  3. Lol! Love the memories you've listed! And yup u r right...Its happy diwali not happy holidays!!

  4. For me, right now every day is a special day. I have a wonderful husband, 3 (sometimes) delightful boys and even though times have really sucked here lately in our lives, we are blessed because we are still together.


  5. Hmm...favorite holiday memory? The year I found Rudolph's footprints on the porch going up to the roof. That was also the year I asked for all of my presents to be given to me in one large box, with no wrapping paper. What a letdown that was. Wrapping paper is half the fun, but try to tell that to my 7 year old self.

  6. My favorite memory is the one year where we had caroling and the snow starting to fall. It was just so festive. We went over to my cousin's house for hot cocoa. I was 6 years old and when we got home around midnight there were all these gifts under our tree but my eyes fell on the dollhouse. The gifts had not been there when we left and my parents were with me the whole night. The mystery added to the wonder that night! :) And I received a dream dollhouse and spent time with my family. What more could I ask for in a memory? :)

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  7. Happy Hanukkah, dahling!

    O, my, goodness. My favorite holiday memory...I'll never choose just ONE, so I'll have to select a good one, at least. When I was three or so, all I wanted for Christmas was two tractors. Two yellow tractors, I told Santa. That's IT. Not one. Not three. Two tractors.

    And Santa got me those two tractors.

    Thanks, Santa, for not insisting I get Barbies or Dream Houses or frou-frou dresses. I owe you one, big guy.

  8. And Ramadan is not a holiday, Eid is :)

  9. Mine is a simple one. Last year, 2009, when I got to spend my first Christmas with Leah, the love of my life. I cannot wait to share every Christmas with her from now on.

  10. Every year on Christmas Eve we have this little ritual...yes I know Lauren is already 19 and Austin is 10 but I like to think that they still believe. We set out cookies and milk for Santa. Sprinkle "reindeer food" aka oatmeal and glitter in the yard. I read them the Night Before Christmas in my bed and as midnight nears I make Randy go outside and jingle bells outside their windows...he no longer will break out the ladder, climb on the roof and stomp around pretending to be Santa..after four years of doing that he refuses to do it anymore. The kids go to sleep...then I start getting out the presents from Santa that are hidden in our closet. Of course they are wrapped in different wrapping paper..because Lauren pointed that Santa used our wrapping paper when she was five. Set out the presents under the tree...sprinkle some dirt in the fireplace and move the logs to make it look like he came down the fireplace, take a bite of the cookies and drink the milk...leave a thank you note from Santa because of course Santa has manners...then off to bed. Again I know my kids are now 19 and 10 but they still enjoy it!

  11. My favorite holiday memories are definitely all the ones we've had with our girls. They still believe in Santa and it just warms my heart that they truly believe.


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