Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me. . . .

Today I am 45.

When I was 25, I had a plan for where I would be now.  Fortunately, I am pretty much where I thought I would be in life.  I have a husband, kids, a house, a job.  At 45 my kids are probably younger than I expected, my house isn't as grand as I thought it would be, and I had NO idea I would be working here.  Hell, at 25 I had no idea I would ever live in Texas again.  (My family lived in Dallas for a year when I was 8.  My mother hated it.)

At 25 I had no idea that I wouldn't care that I am not driving a Beemer anymore.  In fact, my 45 year old self is kinda making fun of my 25 year old self for caring about the Beemer in the first place.

At 25 I had no idea that I wouldn't return to graduate school until I was 43.  I thought I'd be finished with my JD or MBA or whatever by 35.  Except that I didn't set a goal to go back to school, so that never happened.

I did set a goal to be happily married.  Guess what?  I'm happily married.  Very happily married.  In fact, Greg was cracking me up this weekend -- after all these years his sense of humor is still so refreshing.

I did set a goal to be involved with my church.  Guess what?  My church is part of my family.  Christ is such a central point of our lives -- way more than I envisioned at 25. 

I did set a goal to own a BMW.  I owned one.  Big whoop.  Not as rewarding as the husband or the church.

I set a goal to be financially independent.  Guess what?  We are almost there.  We pay cash for everything and we have only Greg's goddamn student loan and the house to pay off.  God willing, within 5-7 years, we will have NO DEBT.  Honestly, my 25 year old self pictured financial independence differently.  I envisioned a lot more stuff.  Fortunately, the reality of financial independence is less stuff, more security.  More peace.  Dave Ramsey knows what he's talking about. 

I set a goal to have 2 kids.  A boy and a girl.  I surpassed my goal.  Three boys means that some day I will have a daughter-in-law or two.  Or three.  Again, at 25, I had no idea how much I would like these people that look so much like my husband.  I knew I would love them.  Admittedly, I had no idea of the intensity.  But I really like them.  Most of the time. 

I set a goal to be a size 8.  HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA.  What  stupid goal.  Who cares what size I am?  Not me. 

No, I am FAR from that goal.  But I am healthy.  And strong.  (Dude -- Gabe worked  my shoulders so hard last night that I can barely lift my arms to type.  Ow.)  I can do things I never thought I would do.  Like a real push up.  Or "run" a 5 K.  Again, my reality is better than my vision.

The key is setting goals.  Goals that matter.  The experts say you must have SMART goals.  (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timed).

At 45, I am setting more goals. 

I wonder what they will look like when I'm 65?

I'll let you know!


  1. can't wait! looking forward to your post at the young age of you!

  2. It's great to know that you're happy and you got what you wanted. That's not what many people can say :)

  3. Your attitude rocks. It's so refreshing to hear what you have to say; even so-called "adults" these days have no clue about the things that really matter. I'm sure in many ways I could improve, too. But I love this post.

    Happy birthday! A few of my friends from high school and college (myself included) are creeping up on the end of a decade. Some of us are bitching about it. Some of us are doing it gracefully. I'm kind of forbidding my husband to be as merciless about it as I was to him a few years back. But you know what? I am happy. Better than that, I am deeply content. I know that I am blessed far beyond what I deserve and that by God's grace, each year I inch closer to the woman (wife, mother, sister, daughter,friend...)I should be. So what's another year or 10?!

    Thanks for the perspective. And have a great birthday!

  4. What a great post. A belated happy birthday to you- It sounds like you're exactly where you need to be.

  5. Happy belated birthday to one of my very best blogging friends. I'm sorry I'm still working through my GoogleReader--one old post at a time---and next year, my wishes will be more timely =) I hope your birthday was FANTASTIC and RELAXING and I hope I'm still reading your blog when you're 65! Happy Birthday, lovely!

  6. To my birthday twin, everything you wrote is so true, life is about the real things not the material things. We are two lucky people having great husbands and pretty good kids. Enjoy the holidays and see you on the 1st. Go Badgers.


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