Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to the Routine!

After a week of being a SAHM, I am thrilled to be back at work.  It was great spending time with my littles -- most of the time.  But honestly, we are all pretty sick of each other right  now. 

This morning I eagerly put on my makeup, picked an outfit and got ready for work!  yeay! 

Today was also the first Back-to-School morning in a week.   

Number 1 Son couldn't find his long pants. He had no idea where they would be. "Son. You figured out there was NO SANTA when you were 3. You can't figure out where your goddam pants are????  Did you even LOOK in the drawer?  I didn't think so."

Number 2 Son decides to dance in his underwear all over the house. before, during and after breakfast. I have to tell him over and over and over and OVER to get his clothes on. Then he cried because I yelled.

Number 3 Son acts like he's 6 months old & wants to be carried everywhere. Won't eat his breakfast because he's cold. After he's dressed won't eat it because he's laughing at Number 2  in his underwear.

Husband is yelling at everyone to hurry up.  Yelling at Number 1 Son to get his jacket.  Yelling at Number 2 to put his shoes on.  Yelling at Number 3 for spilling his yogurt.  Did it ever occur to Husband to give 1 the jacket, put shoes on 2 or put 3's yogurt in a bowl for them?  No.  Because they are old enough to do it themselves.

I agree.  They are old enough.  But if you want it done with a minimum of shouting and/or tears. . .. it's best to help them out a little.  And you yelling?  That's not helping.

Now I know why Mother drank.


  1. lol...Mary I love reading your articles...keep posting them!!!

  2. I have to tell him over and over and over and OVER to get his clothes on. Then he cried because I yelled.

    This is like a portrait of our house right now. My bigger little wants to be very independent and do things on his own time. He also wants me to like him. So he makes a decision that doesn't go down well and then when I yell, he cries for up to half an hour. When we all get calmed down he makes the same decision that precipitated the yelling and crying.

    You provide this SAHM with a valuable dose of laughter every few days. Keep it coming!

  3. I'm constantly telling Randy the same thing about his yelling. It only makes the situation worse and the kids move even slower than they already were. MEN!!! ;)

  4. Mary, this just made me laugh out loud. I don't even have kids. Maybe that's why I'm laughing.


  5. OMG, I LOVE underwear dances!!

    I mean, how immature and thoughtless! ;)


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