Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Aftermath. . . .

I make it a point to always buy Halloween candy that I don't particularly care for so that I won't eat it all by October 27th and then have to buy another bag on the 28th.  And on the 29th.  And the 30th. 

This year, it was Smartees.  I like Smartees.  But after one pack of Smartees, I've had enough.  For the year.  Really looking forward to next year so I can have another pack of Smartees. That's what you call that little cellophane sleeve with the twisted ends, right?  A Pack?  Anyway -- one is enough.

I must say that I was a little disappointed in my neighborhood. 

Everyone bought Reeses.  And Snickers.  And Milkyways.  And Tootsie Rolls.  And M&Ms.

Come ON people -- you can eat those any time

I want DOTS.  And Peanut Butter Taffy.  And Candy Corn.  And those jawbreaker balls.  And the really sour Jolly Rancher sticks.  (Or the really hot cinnamon ones!).  And that gross caramel with the white chalky centers.  I want HALLOWEEN candy.  

Thankfully, my friend Kathy (the one who left me in her gritty dust on Saturday) takes her kids tricker-treating for about 6 hours.  They get TONS of candy.  And they don't like most of it.  So she brings it to work. 

In the meantime, all we got left at my house is Smartees. 

Thank God for Kathy.


  1. Wow - two days in a row. I really am a celebrity!!! :)

  2. BTW...those gross caramel with the white chalky centers things are "bulls-eyes" and I LOVE THEM!!!!


  3. @Sarah -- I LOVE THEM TOO! But they are kinda gross.

  4. Why do people insist on giving out those Gawd awful "poops in a wrapper" aka Tootsie Rolls? My kids came home with so many of them we could repave our front walk with them. Smartees are yummy. They are even yummier if you are chewing a piece of Bubble Yum and you chew them up into the gum.


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