Saturday, June 23, 2012

11th Heaven

I love working out with the V Fit guys.  They are amazing trainers, they have pushed me past my limits and helped me lose close to 50 lbs. 

The latest innovation at V Fit is that they have put a studio on the 11th floor of Spohn Hospital on Shoreline.  For those of you not familiar with Corpus Christi, TX, Shoreline runs along the Corpus Christi Bay.  It's a beautiful, palm lined avenue with great vistas of the Bay, the Marina, and our city skyline. 

Gorgeous, right?

I love that they are there because Spohn Shoreline is really close to my house.  No more driving all the way out to the Island!!  Being on the 11th floor, the studio has a 360 panoramic view of the bay and the city.  The other studio doesn't have a view at all, unless Lee is working out.  Lee has incredible arms.  Drool worthy arms.  Sigh. . .

Anyway, the view at Shorline is much prettier. 

And of course Shoreline has GABE!  Gabe the Silent Assasin!  Gabe the man who got me to do push ups from my toes.  I love working with Gabe. 

The thing about Gabe is, he makes me do really, really, really hard things.  Like doing a walkout with a pushup.  Twenty times.  Or doing 200 burpees.  Or making me curl 40 lbs but having to do it on my tiptoes. 

Or climbing 11 flights of stairs to get to him.

I wonder if I can get Lee to start working out at Shoreline.  Might as well make the 11 story climb worth it.   


  1. It IS gorgeous.
    I had the privilege of traveling to Corpus Christi to attend a Navy Mine Warfare school at Naval Station Ingleside back in 1996.
    I stayed at NAS Corpus Christi and needed to travel wayyyyyyyyyy around the bay to get to Ingleside. It was a long trip, but I enjoyed the sights.
    Thank goodness it was in December, though. I gotta think that summer down there is as hot as a bundt cake in a gym sock.

  2. I traveled through Texas many years ago and I was pissed because we ended up driving through CC during the night and I didn't get to appreciate it. SOMEDAY I'll have to get back.

    1. And you can work out with me! Then we'll get tacos. 'K?

  3. I want tacos too! And working out. But I will NOT be enthusiastic about the working out part. But I want you to show me your amazingness. And you can laugh at me after I pass out. Sound good? Sounds good.


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