Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Best Blogging

Sometimes I do my best writing when I'm commenting on other people's blogs.

To whit:

My Maiden name began with a Z.

I spent my childhood as the last in line for everything.

It was scarring, and probably one of the reasons I was attracted to my husband. He could give me children, and as someone whose last name started with A, he could move me to the front of the line.

Penwasser place – April 30th, 2012


I missed you SO MUCH!

I know you will rock the skirt. $15 & change for any garment makes it instantly wonderful, IMHO.

I am a little embarrassed to tell you that I don't know who those boys are. . .but yes, they are real cute.

If you ever spot Tony Danza at a restaurant, will you tell him that I have had a crush on him since I was 12?


Annabel manners, September 12, 2011

Where to begin?

1. Dollar dances

2. "registered at Macy's" cards fluttering out of the invitation

3. Jack & Jill showers

4. Buffets

5. cummerbunds that match the bridesmaid's dresses

6. bridesmaids in unflattering and obviously uncomfortable dresses

7. brides with arms like mine who wear dresses designed for brides with arms like Michelle Obama's.

Annabel Manners June 2011

Natalie Portman should have just worn a T-Shirt with the word BABY and a down arrow. Same effect

Annabel Manners January 17, 2011


Bitchypants May 3, 2012

1. As a practicing Catholic, I make Easter all about Jesus and then I don’t have to worry about that fucking bunny.

Haven’t figured out how to do the same with the goddam tooth fairy, but what the hell.

Who needs all those Jelly beans? Me.


4. Andi — you know damn well you can pee while standing. Any woman who has ever peed at a truck stop has peed while standing.

And that toy you bought zachy is not a doll. It’s an action figure.

Or it’s a doll. . .who the fuck cares? I know. Men care.

I bet that action figure can stomp the hell outta some leggos. That’ll show ‘em!

1. 11/29/11

2. Awwww. . . I love little boy voices!

Mine are also as different from each other as yours. #1 is a brainiac. #2 is mister imagination and #3 is the performer.

Each definitely has the best of both of us. Each also gets some of the worst of both of us. And each has some characteristic that makes us go.” . . .wait. . .wtf?”



One year I smooshed up the canned sauce so it would look “real”. My dad said I ruined it and went to the convenience store to get another can.

Your mom sounds awesome!

I’m thankful for you cyber-friend

And I LOVE that you found some voice again. Funny thing about blogging is that it's not always about the writing, but about the conversation. Makes me wonder how Sylvia Plath or Eudora Welty or Mark Twain or ANY pre-blog writer was able to write without feedback from people who just felt like sharing.

If -- and when -- you blog, I will read.

May 10, 2012 One Chunky Mama


I've got more -- will post 'em later.


  1. Wait, how were you able to archive your comments on OTHER blogs!? And, those were hilarious, by the way!!!

    1. Copy and paste! And that way I got to re-read a bunch of great posts!

  2. I'm the same way. A few times, I have copied and pasted an especially long comment into a Microsoft Word document, where I add onto it and turn it into an actual blog post.

  3. Yes! I speak from experience when I say that you are a kick ass commenter! (Or, if you prefer the European spelling, commentor.)

    AND this post introduced me to some new bloggers. Thanks!


  4. I love the one about marriage moving you to the front of the line! And your comments are always a huge treat on my blog. Hope you're well and having a wonderful summer so far! :)

  5. I also love the one about marriage moving you to the front of the line. When I graduated from Ray High School in 1972, my last name started with an "S" leaving me way the hell down the line of what seemed like a million graduates. I also was determined to "marry up" in the alphabet. But, alas, I fell in love with a "V" which moved me in the wrong direction.

    BTW, my high school graduation took so long that we were actually playing cards as we waited for them to get to the back of the line.

  6. A.) I'm glad marriage made your life easier. I never had to spell my last name for people until I got married. Big PIA.
    B.) How am I just seeing this?
    D.) I live for your comments. Because you tell me when I am being stupid/ goofy/ and more importantly, when I'm right. And you make me laugh in the shitstorm.

    I treasure you, Mary At-the-Front-of-the-Line-Now!


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