Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Dream of Clean

My dream is that I am going to prepare a "clean" meal and find out that it is cravable. 

Cravable in "Wet Italian Beef with sweet peppers & jardiniere" or "Deep Fried Avocado" or even "Green Chicken Curry". 

So far, I have made several tasty meals -- some even involving fish. 

Today was salmon roasted with egg plant and cherry tomatoes.  Topped with fried garlic and fresh basil.  It was tasty. We all enjoyed it.  Even this kid:

Our first foray into the salmon world.

It was good.

It was clean.

But not cravable.  Yet.


  1. I wish you luck with clean eating. Even as a 5 year post operative gastric bypass patient, I have yet to crave healthy foods. I still crave chocolate and sweets and dumplings and other kinds of carbs. It's more mental than I can even understand. I do eat health most of the time, but I don't crave it ... ever.

    1. I have to remind myself that it's kind of an addiction thing. I crave carbs like a smoker craves nicotine or an alcoholic craves a drink. Craving is not really good.

      But I still want to, ya know?

  2. Oh my hell, that picture is fucking hilarious!!

    Maybe you'd be able to crave clean meals if you weren't such a dirty girl. ;-)

  3. My husband and I both love fresh salmon on the barbie, but I have yet to get my kids to finish more than one bite. They look like your son in his picture when I insist they finish their tasty dinner.

  4. I crave fresh heirloom tomatoes. Derrick craves sugar snap peas. We both crave tuna and blue crab (and any shellfish, really). But mostly, I crave cheese. Melted cheese. And salt. And fried things. So I hear ya loud and clear on this one.

  5. Okay, your children are freaking amazingly beautiful, Mary! Wow!

    And I can't cook. Our neighborhood restaurants know me. Or rather they know John because I always make him go and get whatever we are having for takeout. The people at Chipotle even ask how my kids are doing.


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